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If you live in Japan, do you know where you need to evacuate to in the event of flooding or an earthquake?


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yeah. out

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I'm kinda a stubborn guy, but when the main Kumamoto quakes hit at 1:30 AM, for the first time, I relied on the herd mentality. Turned out to be a good idea.

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My life has been endangered several times over the years. After the initial fear, there's a strange kind of calm that supersedes it. I like to think that in a dire peril, it would be swift and without panic.

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Honestly? Not certain. In case of flooding - and I live in a slightly hilly area of town - I would go up the hill anyway. Evacuation? I assume it to be the local elementary school, so I would head there.

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We live on high ground, so if we needed to evacuate it means the nearby evacuation centres are already under water anyway. In the recent floods, we stayed put and were OK.

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I didn't know for sure, and this questions prompted me to check.

Unsurprisingly, my evacuation center is the elementary school down the street.

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I have a boat on my roof.

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I received before on my phone, missile launched please go to shelter.

but no shelter.

Perhaps officials thought that our woody house is a missile shelter....

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We don't need to worry about floods or tsunami. But, earthquakes? That's a good question!

We did recently stock up on batteries, water, cup noodles, gas cassettes, etc. because we assumed we would just stay home. (The house withstood that big Kansai quake last year just fine. Gas was off for a few days, IIRC. But, no biggie.)

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