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If you live in Japan, when you visited family or friends overseas (in pre-corona days), did you take your shoes off before entering their home, as you would in Japan?


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Of course not.I was carried across the threshold on a palanquin by my family's servants.

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Today 07:42 am JST

I think you misunderstood the question, not surprising it is poorly written ( or more likely they writer was trying to show how smart they are and failed).

The question is a simple one should have been asked simply.

If you live in Japan, do you still take off your shoes when you visit family and friends back home I. Your country of birth?

Keep it simple folks!

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Now to answer this strangely written question.

Yes, because my family most people I know take of their shoes as a habit because half the year is winter back home and walking in with slush covered boots would not be appreciated.

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Of course not. Everyone knows that NO ONE except the unique Japanese take their shoes off in the house. No one else on the planet does it. Never.

After all, why do Iranians make such exquisite Persian rugs and Arabs Arabian carpets for if not to soil them with their shoes inside the house... right?

Of course not.I was carried across the threshold on a palanquin by my family's servants


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Yes. We were raised to by my parents back home in Baltimore.

Winters are buried in snow so slush on your shoes on momma's floor got a clip round the ears.

Spring and summer are rainy so mud on the shoes on momma's floor got a broom stick up side the head.

You take off your shoes at your friends house for the same reason. Taking off shoes is not a Japanese only thing.

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Taking off your shoes should be common sense in every country. I cannot comprehend people (mainly Americans) who go to bed with their shoes on.

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Yeah. I'm not a savage.

Who walks around, indoors with shoes on?

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I am German, In German: Hausschuhe shoes (SLIPPERS/shoes only wore inside and never out). My family and even myself we consider wearing shoes in the house as very dirty and unclean, just like Japan we always wore slippers in the home.

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Same goes for Ukraine. We never wear shoes in the house. Always take the shoes off and either slippers or bare foot, the home is a place that should be clean from outside dirt and bacteria. Cant imagine not taking ones shoes off.

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If they're Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Pakistani), or Muslim, then yes., unless they specifically tell me to keep them on.

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Yes, of course. My family doesn't live in a barn. Houses are typically carpeted. I can't imagine the mess if outdoor shoes were worn inside. Not to mention all the pain and suffering that would be inflicted on anyone foolish enough to try. Mom would kick their butts faster than greased lightning.

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Yes. All the time. Once had a real estate agent bring some people through without taking shoes off. Told them to get lost and went with another agency. It’s disgusting.

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I only knew people in places like California, Nevada, New Mexico, through to Florida that entered their homes with shoes on.

Everyone I knew in Canada and North USA ( winter places ) took off their shoes,

All those I knew in Mexico, Central America and South America took off their shoes,

In Spain where I worked at one point they did, but UK, France and Germany I don't recall people taking off their shoes (at least not on nice days).

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I barely wear shoes outdoors back home; can recall entire summers when shoes or socks never touched my feet. When I did wear shoes my mother always complained that I dropped them everywhere, kicking them off as I entered, going upstairs, walking through the kitchen, heading to the bath to clean them, etc.

I shock my neighbors and irritate my wife here in Japan when I walk in my (small) garden or toss the garbage with bare feet; but nearly always clean them after.

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Many countries around the world abide by the "shoes off in the house" rule because it's sane, logical, and sanitary. I honestly cringe every time I watch a movie set in the States where a character bounces up onto their bed, dirty, filthy shoes and all. It's disgusting. Do you know what the bottoms of those shoes have traipsed over?!?! Not to mention that if you live in a place that snows in winter, you'd be trekking in slush, mud and snow into the house.

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I take off my shoes at the house entrance. It's pretty ordinary, not unique to Japan.

Perhaps a difference is in some Japanese schools where pupils switch indoor shoes to come into floors. Big shoe shelves are usually installed at the entrance.

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Of course if you live in a home like mine, with heated ceramic tile floors in every room, shoe cleaning brushes at the door and a large floor mat inside the entrance it doesn't really matter. But, perhaps that's because I only get visitors I know, and who know the rules - no dirty shoes! And in Victoria, we don't normally get the slushy winter stuff.

But, that said, bedrooms, living room and dining room, all with antique Persian and Chinese carpets on top of soft underlay for that soft toes feeling, have a different rule - shoes off or stay out.

Of course when I visit my friends' homes in Japan (haven't for almost three years, thanks to JGov) I always take off the shoes and put on the slippers they keep for me. So many pairs!! Can't wait to put them on again, but God knows, maybe it'll be 2025 before that happens.

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I have taken off of shoe all my life. It not just a Japanese cultural thing. I would get my backside kick I I was to wear my shoes inside.

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Maybe some of you think all Americans are the same but you would be ignorant and incorrect. I have met many Americans that don't wear shoes inside. My sister in New York City is one of them. Keep your stereotypes to yourselves.

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Nah! They would've made fun of me. When in Rome...

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But I also did before that, my entire life. As did most of my friend's families as well.

Japan is not the only place that does this.

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In my home country no one in their right mind wears shoes inside a house.

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