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If you live in Tokyo, do you plan to comply with Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike's request to stay in this weekend and not go out unless it is essential?


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It wouldn't be a big deal for me to stay home all time over the weekend. Solo and indoor constitute a large part of my daily life. I don't like crowded places or waiting in a long queue. In Tokyo it's also costly to go out to do something downtown. So long as food and other essential items are always secured and available in the neighborhood, it is not so terrible to stay inside.

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Today, no because I have to work, and the train is as busy as ever. Tomorrow and Monday as much as possible but it won’t be much of a change from my normality. A request such as this probably won’t have any effect at all... a total lockdown might.

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I will but it's futile, as my employers are currently making even greater demands of my services and my time, whereas it should be the opposite! Monday will be over 10 hours in a crowded downtown open office, accessed by a crowded confined train!

It would be nice if employers and the government where on the same page during this crisis, but TIJ.

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Same situation for me Jeff. I’m not normally one who subscribed to the TIJ frame of mind but in this case I do agree.

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No way. Party time as usual for me!

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I will live my life as usual because as far as I know, the coronavirus doesn't know if it's the weekend or not. I had to go to work on Friday and I'll have to go to work on Monday. What's the difference between those days and a Sunday (except less crowded train)???

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