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If you work in Japan, how much Japanese-language ability is needed in your job?


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I'm the only foreigner in my workplace so its essential.

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I'm a translator, so quite a lot.

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What is this nonsense?

I’m English. I talk to the locals in my own language slowly, and LOUDLY. Sometime I bang my fist on the table. Works every time.

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You may need to review before your interview to speak good Japanese then once hired shift back to as little Japanese as possible. I was pretty gung ho about Japanese many years ago and passed the Level 1 of the proficiency test then my employer started doing everything in Japanese and dropping thick files in Japanese on my desk. Don't go there.

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Not surprising in the big cities only, many Japanese people speak English. Also most signs are printed in Japanese and English. I had no trouble getting around and I don’t speak a word of Japanese. However in the small villages very few Japanese spoke English.

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They expect total fluency and the same reaction time as a native would have. It's no picnic.

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