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In many parts of Tokyo and other cities, although bars are open until late, many people who got into the habit of drinking on streets and in parks to avoid closed, crowded environments due to the pandemic, are continuing to do so, making noise and leaving trash. What do you think about this?


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One of the most free things about Japan, especially compared to repressive countries like Australia and the USA, is that you can drink beer almost anywhere. This might be jeopardised by these thoughtless people.

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There is nothing new about drinking and having parties outdoors. Guess they are not like the WC Japanese football fans.

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I say leave them alone and let them do what they want to do

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Install garbage bins.

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yes, it’s something that shouldn’t be taken for granted here.

I was drinking in the streets long before Covid.

You can keep your small crowded overpriced bars.

Install garbage bins.

yes, they seem to have all disappeared

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I'm okay with it. I don't drink but I won't stand in the way of them enjoying themselves. What I would probably say is enjoy it responsibly, no shenanigans.

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Japanese people leaving trash around? The whole world believes otherwise now, thanks to the World Cup. Don't tell me that was just a bit of planned window-dressing to impress foreigners!

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Good idea. Many of Tokyo's bars' air is unbreathable. Since the Olympics, many have reverted to allowing smoking and ventilation has always been terrible.

As for trash, the solution is pretty simple: install trash bins.

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Thanks to covid, I've saved so much money not drinking at bars. Let people enjoy the outdoors. They are not hurting anyone.

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There is usually a fair bit of nocturnal noise and litter in the entertainment areas. Presumably it is spreading to quieter residential areas. The noise may be more of a problem in Japan as walls tend to be thin and windows single-glazed. For stressed, overworked people, having one's limited sleep interrupted is very unwelcome. The rest of the world has gone back to normal. Time to join them. If you are out and about, don't wake people up and take your litter home.

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Trash bins were removed years ago due to 'the fear of potential threats of terrorism', after the sarin gas attacks of 1995, and were never returned. Can't see the authorities putting them back for a long time.

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What’s the problem with that? We had a big Marathon event here on weekend. The runners and spectators block roads for hours, make loud cheering noise, also drink in public and the most celebrated ones even throw their drink bottles into all environments’ directions so that additional helping staff has to collect them afterwards and clean all places up. And look, all such even more miserable behavior is very much welcomed, also officially, is even covered by live TV and in addition it is police secured and escorted.

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making noise and leaving trash

put a trash can.

Noise, depends how close others live to the park if its a problem or not and how late it actually is.

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I hate litter bugs

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Bring back the trash bins, J-gov. That is your responsibility!

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Seamless, perfect description. But - and this is a big but - it is happening not only in Tokio. It is happening in every city in the world. Each worse than the next.

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I still remember shocking my USA colleagues with some Premium in the Tokyo station, "for the long shinkansen ride" ;) . Yes, one can drink (not only) beer almost anywhere, but please mind the manners. Believe it or not, there are parks that actually prohibit alcohol consumption.

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Can the author be more precise on "where" in Tokyo this is supposedly going on?

My wife and I take nightly walks most often exploring our own neighbourhood but regularly we go to other areas of Tokyo, from Adachi-ku to Ota-ku, etc..

And we have not seen any such thing.

We have seen groups of youths hanging around in parks as was the case pre- pandemics but nothing like described here in the question.

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It will take time to Re Adjust, I prefer drinking in the open when the weather allows and not in a crowded and noisy bar

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Back in the 60's & 70's many U.S. states use to allow drinking in public events, parks, beaches, drive in theaters, and swap meets, but when drugs entered the scene things changed drastically. I assume the same could happen in Japan!!

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Control you noise place and take your garbage.

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I'm wondering why those who leave bad manners think they are allowed to do such a thing. As a person in a communitiy, each one normaly has a common sense of behavioring in a good manner. I think people with unappropriate manner show bad attitudes anywhere and anytime in a publich area. They need to be taught basic lessons that ordinary people have in mind.

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Let people have fun.

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