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In the aftermath of the mosque killings in New Zealand, there have been suggestions that the Canterbury Crusaders rugby union team change its name, in view of its historical religious connotations. What do you think?


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As a mark of respect to the Muslim people of New Zealand, I think it's a great thing.

As a reaction to the events that unfolded last Friday, I think it's a terrible thing to do.

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If the move could be disassociated from the shootings it would be best but I guess that will be extremely difficult to do, so I'm for it.

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Who made this suggestion?

In any case, I agree that it's ridiculous. As horrific as this mass-murder was, it's Muslims who have migrated to a Western/Maori culture, and there may be things in it that, theoretically, offend them. But I doubt the name of a rugby team would be high on that list. This seems more like some virtue signalling by some whites feeling guilty, and by making this kind of suggestion they'd feel better about themselves.

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Why should a rugby team have to change their name so as not to offend a certain group of people? Far too often are things unrelated to religion being forced to change their name etc for a certain religion.

The name stays

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When the overzealous step in, everything goes sideways. Rugby has absolutely nothing to do with the terrible events that unfolded last week.

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Do not change the name.

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Nah change it. The mascot is guys on horses all dressed up like medieval knights, waving big swords around in the air. It obviously means The Crusades!

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"Cordoba" was the name of the caliphate established by Muslim invaders in Spain and Portugal in the 8th century. Their army was eventually defeated by Henri Martel in a campaign to expand their conquest into France and further into Europe.

But it's not as if Westerners today have any issues with this name, which denotes Islam's first in a long series of attempted invasions-occupations of the West.

Chrysler even named a car after it! The people who made this Crusader proposal think they know about history, but they don't.

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In this day and age surely we can use the word "Crusade" as meaning "go on or take part in". rather than being concerned about historical events that are only relevent to backward looking people.

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How would you feel about a team named the 'Jihadis?'

No problem at all. Many Muslims consider a 'Jihad' to be a battle within one's own soul, a spiritual determination of holy purification of oneself. Most English speakers use 'crusade' to mean the fervent striving to promote or eliminate something, as in 'a crusade against child abuse.' The Canterbury Crusaders could just make a public statement about what their name means. Granted, the medieval armor is a bit old. Change the mascot to a superhero (caped crusader) perhaps? For me, I think if the majority of people want to change the team's name, change it to something from the Lord of the Rings since NZ is basically Middle Earth now (but still lose the medieval armor). The airports have Dwarves n Dragons in them soo... Canterbury Rangers?

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Taking things a bit far isn't it...

Are the same people suggesting renaming the city of "Christchurch" too? (The city's name would, I guess, have something to do with where the "Crusaders" thing came from, and the famous Cathedral... I guess "Canterbury" must be named after the cathedral in the English south too.)

Good idea to get rid of all the guns though.

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risky@ keep using over the top exaggerations to prove a point. It’s one of the tools of the self imposed speech police and virtue signaling types. Nothing new there mate.

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How about the Canterbury Camels? Nah...

I agree with Vince and mukashiyokatta. Do not change the name.

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How about the Canterbury Camels? Nah..

Thinly veiled racist post? Yeah...

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Under no circumstances at all should they change. NZ is a secular country (by majority) and pandering to religious beliefs is not called for

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Give it a rest, already.

New Zealand's heritage is rooted in western history and faith ,as well as Maori culture..

Leave it be.


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