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In today's corporate world, how important is an MBA?


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At Japanese companies, the value is essentially zero. They want to hire at the undergraduate level and develop from within.

At western companies, there's value, but probably only if you graduated from the very top schools with a high GPA with a lot of financial or data-based acumen. In that sense, it's not really different from a law or engineering school. A lot of "soft" skills at a mid-ranking school (or below) won't get you anywhere in particular.

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My experience is it is about as useful as a chocolate teapot, come to think of it you can at least eat a chocolate teapot!

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I read a quote the other day: "In business,what problem are you solving? The more difficult the problem,the more money there is fixing it." Don't need an MBA for that.

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Want to be middle management? An MBA is a fast track to that. Want anything more? It’s more likely a graveyard.

An MBA teaches one how to think like everyone else, or at least how the self-professed experts think everyone should think. It’s training that more often boxes people in than opens doors to top opportunities.

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An MBA is an absolute waste of time and money and is really for people who want an easy way into ' management' . ' you learn skills doing an MBA' ...no you don't , it's a theoretical course which gives you ideas...you learn skills by getting your hands dirty. I have been running my own business for 11 years , started with 2 clients and now have over 150 and I wouldnt even picking up an MBA to wipe my proverbial back side with if there was no loo roll around. Want to learn how to do business? Any business? Do it, don't read about it.

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I know an electrician with an MBA. Very wealthy but never uses the degree.

Speaking from the personal experience of being a qualified electrician, technical qualifications are the first priority.

I have never met or heard of an electrican with a MBA. Tech qualifications and B.Sc. MSc. PhD. I have know several professors from Imperial College London but not one with a MBA.

The majority of electricians are not wealthy including those with their own companies and employing several electricians. But electricians are never out of work and will earn a good living.

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An MBA is good as foundational knowledge of how things are “supposed” to work or how they used to be.

it’s just a beginning of knowledge/experience these days. not the end like it used to be.

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Married but available is useful Friday nights in the bar.

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Curious about getting an MBA now. So, a question for two, ..well, actually one poster:

“One decided to be a doctor, another a pilate…”

As in Pontius, Qantas, or the Caribbean?

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Dang acute

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Wasn't it deemed EQ is more important than IQ?

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@bvd/snoey: Has no advantages for an electrician unless you stick the paper it is printed on between a high voltage scarred cable at 220 volt against a DC current down turning a upgrade transformer.

None of my blue collar worker friends use their MBA but proudly post them on their walls.

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A good MBA can provide someone with a variety of skills that can applied to almost any field of life, including being an electrician.

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its just piece of paper.

more important is what you really can do,what skills you have a how you can "sell it" at job hunting market

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Depends on the country you are from and the company you work for while earning it.

In Japan it is just a sheet of expensive paper unless you are connected already and work for a top tier company that is paying for it and has you on a track of high level management already.

In the US the market is over saturated with MBA holders that it comes down to are you going service, finance, production, or retail market. It is useless for retail and service they see it as over qualified. Then what university you got it at. Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Berkeley, UCLA will hold much more credibility than the gazillion public and state universities.

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People with degrees earn more over their lifetime than those who don't have them. But there are always exceptions and some like Richard Branson become very wealthy. If you work for yourself then less important.

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Not much

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I know an electrician with an MBA. Very wealthy but never uses the degree.

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Been there, done that.

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A 'Masters in Business Administration' is nothing without competence in empathy for human relationships. They don't teach that in school.

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According to colleges everywhere, the answer is a resounding yes.

Next time a college wants to sell you on their program, though, ask them about the return on investment (ROI) ratio for their program; and whether graduates surveyed after graduation have rated their experience as a smart investment for the money. Ask to see their surveys.

If you are not satisfied, consider, instead, perhaps a Master of Finance degree. Or a Master's degree in Economics. Or maybe a certificate program such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program or a Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certificate.

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From what I've heard of MBA's they're useless if the person doesn't have any real experience and you just learn a few things on paper without any real depth so you can't really apply it to a job when you start. A friend with a father in the coffee industry said it's much better to specialise when you study (like planning) because then you can actually do a particular job

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