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In which industries do you think companies are hiring rather than laying off employees during the pandemic?


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healthcare workers?

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sorry- forgot to add drivers. as more people order things online and get their groceries delivered, drivers are going to become more important

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The transport companies like Yamato had to hire extra workers to cope with online shopping. Our guy has been very busy but also vert grateful. Amazon hired extra warehouse staff and increased pay, slightly. Rakuten closed down its international site.

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In addition to drivers and healthcare workers mentioned above businesses connected in any way with handheld digital thermometers; masks and other prophylaxes; money machines (even my neighborhood bento shop is using one); all sanitation related industries. Elder care. Construction: my area of Kobe is seeing a building boom. Pharmaceutical research and sales. Computer security. Online sales and services, including entertainment. Alternative energy.

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Online anything, I would have thought. Shopping, games, streaming, fitness, lessons, ....

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Unskilled medical staff at apparently being hired, my ex got such a job nearby recently and was told they're in demand

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Game companies are always hiring

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