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In your experience, which airline has the best flight attendants and which one has the worst?


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Singapore Air best, all US carriers tied for worst.

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I agree PT, Singapore airlines too! I flew with them 4 times in October, absolutely flawless. British Airways are crap and I refuse to use them, KLM every time to Europe

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Best All Nippon Airways - worst Japan Airlines.

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ANA is probably my favorite. I can't decide which is the worst between Delta, United or Air Canada. I hate flying to N. America.

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Singapore probably the best in the world, ANA probably the best in Japan. As to the worst, I don't use any other airlines that much anymore, however, as a kid I remember some great stories courtesy of a family friend who was a globe-trotting diplomatic messenger. Back in the day the "east European" airlines apparently had some interesting people working for them.

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Best - Cathay Pacific.

Worst - Biman. Not so much child-bearing hips as aisle-overflowing. And nasty with it.

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Singapore Airlines the best. is the best airline in the world. Worst I have had is Delta, Air France not far behind.

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Best- Singapore Worst - United

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I'm not too bothered unless they refuse to give me another beer or are just plain surly.

The Aeroflot staff treated passengers like irritating distractions 15 years ago. I've heard better reports recently.

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ANA best . Air Canada is worst in my opinion .

7 ( +9 / -2 )


Worst Northwest now Delta

4 ( +7 / -3 )

There is nothing that makes a greater difference than the warmth and friendliness of the cabin crew. My favorites would be Singapore and ANA The worst would be United.

8 ( +10 / -2 )

Singapore Airlines is number one, American Airlines is number last.

1 ( +4 / -3 )

I find that it is my own attitude that makes my flights either pleasant or not.

-4 ( +2 / -6 )

I like Korean Air and Singapore the best! Delta, American and Air Canada the worst and it's NOT because the flight crew and flight attendants are NOT nice, they are very nice and accommodating, but the problem is, these companies are totally unorganized, how the plane interior is fitted and it just leaves a bad taste and unpleasantness in my mouth. All the American airliners need to work a lot harder to catch up to the cleanliness and pristine quality of the Asian carriers.

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I find that it is my own attitude that makes my flights either pleasant or not.

I find its whether or not I'm in first class that makes my flights either pleasant or not.

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I fly quite a lot for business and I think I would put Cathay Pacific at the top of my list. Worst?? KLM

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Best Singapore, worst Northwest.

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I find that it is my own attitude that makes my flights either pleasant or not.

Thanks for that, shonanbb. Lewis CK has a great commentary on the issue!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEY58fiSK8E (at about 2 minutes in and to the end)

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CA must be one of the most difficult jobs, and dealing with crowds of anxious, stressed customers must really be tough. I'm happy to report that 95% of them are angels. But they are human. Compassion is the key.

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the best - ana worse - can't comment, i did not fly all airlines

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Bangladesh Biman is the worst I have flown on. They don't even ask which dish you would like for lunch. They just give you wnat they think you don't want. When I flew on Biman, they seemed to give all the Japanese curry and non-Japanese soggy tempura.

After seeing Japanese eating curry, I asked the flight attendant if I could have some.

"But you've opened that. Why didn't you ask earlier?"

"Why didn't you tell me there was curry before you gave me tempura?"

She then reluctantly gave me a curry.

"I think he would like curry, too" I said pointing to the Bangladeshi sitting next to me who smiled and nodded.

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best would be ANA, great inflight service, I've been using their service for years now and have alwasy been very happy and satisfied

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Singapore but Emirates isn`t bad at all. Have a Krisflyer credit card and get ¥100 to a mile for free flights, etc. The most dodgy flights I took were on local airlines in west Africa, live chickens, people trying to start cooking stoves, filthy, stinky aircraft on the 4th or 5th owner. Not fun when you have a "stomach issue".

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Hmm, it depends on what you consider "service". I think that any Asian carrier is top - if you want to be served by smiling robots. I have flown Delta, United, they are more human, I think. I once had this feeling that the Japan Airline CA was treating us kindly, but she was calling us names deep inside her soul. North American attendants, on the other hand, don't hide that. And I appreciate they being sincere. LOL. Well, IMO, best-Thai Airlines. Worst-Alitalia, they behaved like mafia.

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Until they went bankrupt, I would have said JAL was the worst airline, purely because of the arrogance and ignorance of the cabin crew — one once apologised, in Japanese, to a Japanese businessman for having to sit next to a foreigner (me) in business class because the flight was full — another tried not to give me a landing card on a flight to New York because, "Americans don't need landing cards" (I'm not American).

Since my tax money was used to bail them out, however, they seem to have lost some of that arrogance and are trying harder to please customers.

I'll agree with most of your other correspondents, though, and applaud ANA for excellence.

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Best: Cathy Pacific, ANA a close second. Worst: United. Rudeness (often to the point of viciousness) frequent, particularly ground staff. I really fear disgruntled personnel in the air or on the ground. That said, last flight from Japan on UA nice--but in conjunction with ANA: all ground staff Japanese and flight staff largely Japanese. Cathy Pacific is always wonderful.

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agree with everyine else, ANA for the win! Polite, kind and beautiful charming CAs, nice uniforms, my last flight to Bali was fantastic, really pampered by their service, they will be at your service when you need them while at the same time leave you to rest when you least needed anything. Overall experience with this airline's simply great.

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Singapore Airlines is the best.

I am still amazed to realize how they manage the punctuality and efficiency even in third world countries where the infrastructure is not up to mark..

Worst Airlines is Air India.

Once the pilot was just desparate to get out of Narita airport inspite of the technical snag of the aircraft.The reason is to save on the stacking(parking) cost which is very high in Japan as compared to Bangkok or Kualaumpur.

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Air China or Japan Airlines the best, Delta or United probably the worst. Worst flight was St. Petersburg to Beijing in an ancient Russian jetliner. Or one farther back we had a lot of turbulence on, cross-USA.

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United is not that bad. I am member of that airline from last two decades. Three times they upgraded me from economy class without any charges. These day I book economy and upgrade with six hunderd bucks.great service.

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"I find its whether or not I'm in first class that makes my flights either pleasant or not"

Business class is not pleasant? Cripes...

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Flew United for the first time on a rickety 747 the other day and loved it! Took a book to the rear galley to stand my way to SFO and discovered two things: a stash of wine and the fact that the cabin crew doesn't give a sh!t about anything. The wine was useful to fill my stomach as the food was inedible; on the return flight, I simply fasted.

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Which airline has the best flight attendants and which one has the worst?

Hmmm. I guess the ones on the Japanese carriers are probably the nicest ones. The worst ones? I'm not too crazy about fying the unfriendly skies of United or Northworst.

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Honestly in my experience it's always been cost.

That is to say, if I go cheap tickets and fly Northwest, I get crap service/CAs...if I want to pay through the nose and go with ANA, sure I get good service, but is the service so good it's worth the price jump?

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My definition of a "good flight attendant" is one who can save your life in an emergency. I doubt the sarong-wearing, high-heel sport girls on Singapore are up to the job.

American attendants have a great rep in this regard. Google "Flight 1549" for proof of that.

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JAL and ANA best.

Korean Air Definitely the WORST

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Delta Airlines on a cross-country USA flight was great in the air and on the ground; I like DL. China Airlines was great as well on my many flights from Okinawa to Frankfurt via Taipei; CI has improved over the years. I've never flown Singapore Airlines but I'm pretty sure they are great. And now for my top choice? AMC (Air Mobility Command): I fly for free (sometimes just have to pay a small tax on certain flights) on U.S. military flights and they are THE best. Yes, it sometimes means flying with cargo but military air crew members are just outstanding! No fake smiles and they take care of families like almost no other airline. So AMC is my pick!

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I find that it is my own attitude that makes my flights either pleasant or not.

shonanbb - Who needs an airline when you can fly all the way home fueled by smugness

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