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In your experience, which bank in Japan do you think is most efficient for internet banking?


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Bank of Hokkaido

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For internet banking? Sony.

Mizuho bank, UFJ, J-Post bank, Sumimoto - I had or still have an account with these, but internet banking with them is hell. Some of them were still unable to transfer a small amount from account to account within minutes last year. On the weekend it was a next business day operation. Mizuho had the weakest security, UFJ had an absolutely horrible 90s design, bloated, irrelevant info and overall their internet services pretended like when you clicked a button some light would come on on the other side and an employee would physically take the money and physically take it somewhere.

That's not to say Sony is the best, but the price vs performance ratio is about the best you can get here and perhaps from the beginning, they have been offering Internet services that have been common for some 20 years in Europe, but here most banks in Japan never dreamed of them. Two-factor authentication? Easy. At UFJ they didn't even know about this service 3 years ago, after some time someone more informed told me that it could be arranged, however it would cost (I think) 5000JPY per month. How they have it now I have no idea.

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For personal any local bank. For savings a postal account.

For business I have found Rothschild Japan the very best. One of my tooling machines broke down. I called Rothschild to set up a Zoom call for a loan. They sent out a repairman a\but I thought the machine was toast. The guy fixed it for 40,000 yen. Amazing customer service every time.

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Sumitomo is "bearable" (design / layout brings back memories of the early 2000s though). Mizuho makes me want to rip my hairs off, pretty much everything is horrible (I literally already had to call them more than once to tell me where the stuff was on their site or on my internet banking account)...

All-in-all, Japanese internet banking is a nightmare to navigate through all the irrelevant information you have on-screen and the layout looks like the beginning of the internet...

Why can't they make it simple and functional is beyond me...

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Prestia is pretty good for me. Not a lot of locations but you can do simple banking with SMBC.

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Sony Bank is the best for most things. For remittance I use Revolut. It's completely free to send money abroad using Revolut and the exchange rate is excellent.

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Never ever use internet banking in Japan. If 7-11 can't do it nobody can.

I use a US state department bank online. Everything else cash. Have no loans. Don't need to play with ridiculous software that does not work with bad links and page after page of dribble.

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Prestia is pretty good for me. Not a lot of locations but you can do simple banking with SMBC.

I'm quite shocked at how oversimplified logging on is with Prestia. Just a simple log-on name and password, and then you're through. Luckily I've never had any problems, and I'm glad that I get an email everytime I use the ATM to withdraw money, but with the banks back home, I have to enter at least two different passwords, and then I either receive a code on the phone or I need to put my cash card in one of those calculator-like gadgets to receive a code.

Playing around with foreign currency is fairly simple with Prestia. That's one way to make some money - can't rely on the ridiculously low interest rates.

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The big problem in general with corporate Japan, not just with internet banking but obviously matters with it, is the website design here. In general it's awful, they're so busy to they eye but you have to click too much to navigate them.

Out of the Japanese megabanks I find SMBC the best but only marginally. UFJ is a lost cause and Mizuho just don't quite get it yet although they seem to be trying a bit. Honestly, I just don't really use Japanese internet banking because it's rubbish.

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Shinsei's okay.

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Shinsei's probably your best bet. I mean if you compared it to say, banks in Europe then it's completely horrendous but out of all the internet banking services in Japan, Shinsei is passable.

Sony is alright too. Neater, more organized and doesn't look like it got its design concept from the 80s / early 90s. Plus, their cash card also functions as a debit card. Bonus.

Honestly though, internet banking in Japan is a special kind of hell. It's so backwards and out-of-date and their design and color choices for the interface is ridiculous. Heck, Japan's banking services and systems in general are awful. Fees for everything; nightmare to open an account, especially if you're not Japanese, and my gods, who outside of Japan is even using cash cards anymore?! What a useless piece of plastic.

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