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In your experience, which city’s taxi drivers are among the best and the worst in the world?


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London, the best. The worst maybe Kuala Lumpur. Bangkok's got some bad ones as well.

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Agree with Jeff. London has the best. Worst I've ever seen are Cairo and Alexandria EGYPT.

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The taxi drivers in Japan are nice enough; I just wish they knew where the hell they're supposed to go.

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London good. Tokyo ok but need satnav (who doesn't driving in this city?).

Paris awful.  New York pretty bad too.

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London excellent.  Tokyo ok.

Agree Paris awful and Jakarta and Bangkok pretty average due to the drivers always trying to gouge passengers.  Taxis is South Africa also suck.

Other differentiating factor is the cars.  London benefits from having purpose made taxis.  Most other cities have normal, usually ancient, passenger cars.  Only now Tokyo getting some new purpose built Toyota taxis - still not as good as the London black cab 9which are now made by quite a few different companies).

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The Knowledge sounds harder than JLPT1!

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London black cab drivers are the best.

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Do they still do "the knowledge" on bicycles? That system sewed the seeds for the worlds best!

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Every one mentions developed city. London taxi driver? What a boring.

Go to India or Nepal, and see their heroic posters sticked all over in their tiny box taxi and their talks make your journey fun whilst driving through little alleyways and shortcuts of shortcuts.

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