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Is it a good idea to wear a mask while jogging?


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I run at speed. No way will I ever wear a mask

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A bad idea to do any sort of exercise with a mask on. It restricts the passage of air down the lungs, blocks adequate amount of oxygen inhalation and forces more carbon dioxide that you exhale back into your lungs. A bad idea

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I tend to keep my distance from anyone who wears a mask, whether out for a jog, a walk, or a quick trip to the grocery store. As many people say, all but the best medical masks don't stop you from breathing in the virus; they only stop you from breathing it out. So, in my mind, everyone wearing a mask has the virus. I'm being a bit facetious here, but think about it.

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No, and I also don't think you need to wear one while walking unless in massive, close-knit groups, and then I still think it's optional since they don't prevent you from catching illness (although if you are concerned you may have it and do not want to spread it I DO think they are helpful in preventing THAT, if you know how to wear and handle it). However, if you wore them on your chin like a lot of people do here, not covering your mouth and nose, or just your mouth, it might not be as suffocating.

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No, just as it isn’t necessary when walking around outside

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With the standard mask and my recovering heath, my blood-oxgyen level is only 89%, I have a hard breathing with it.

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The reality is that most runners are not in close enough proximity to others to become any sort of risk. If you ARE running in crowded areas - sure. But for most cases: it's unnecessary (same with cycling).

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Waste of a mask. The risk of transmission outdoors is extremely small.

For a very casual runner, a mask may not badly affect breathing. For most runners, however, the mask becomes an extra health risk. It prevents oxygen from getting to the lungs, potentially pushing oxygen levels in the blood dangerously low. A mask porous enough to let through enough air quickly is likely to also let through many particles.

On top of this, for all runners, the need to readjust the mask frequently, which happens during high-impact activity, means a lot of extra face-touching, which is one of the most dangerous vectors for diseases.

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Speaking of which I started wearing one while jogging recently. When it is cool it is not a problem but as it gets hotter and as you get more warmed up it causes me to have to slow down and pull over and take off the mask at times to get enough air. Not ideal but I want to do my part not to upset the locals.

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Yes. I'm not a runner, but I do bike along the path with other runners. Masks help prevent your respiratory droplets from letting loose into the air, so it's important, even if you aren't showing symptoms, to wear a mask no matter what type of exercise you are doing outside.

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I wear one ... sports type, restricts air .... help elevate cardio.

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Absolutely. But there's a actually mask specifically designed for those who exercise since the regular cloth and surgical masks aren't porous enough to let you breathe deeply. I'm actually expecting that this would become the new norm (but temporarily I hope) for those who exercise in public. I would recommend wearing some eye protection as well.

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