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Is setting targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions an effective way to fight global warming?


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Putting controversy around whether or not anything can be done at all to combat global warming aside... setting targets won't do an ounce of good unless people are actually doing something to achieve those targets... not just for global warming but for all aspects of life.

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Just setting targets is obviously not enough, as the Kyoto Accord shows us. Even making promises is not enough. The most effective way is for individuals to take actions as much as they can (cycle rather than drive, eat far less meat, etc.) and for people to get involved in movements or street protest to put incredible pressure on politicians and on businesses to take immediate action. The divest movement on some university campuses is a good example. Those with the ownership and regulatory authority over the coal, oil and gas industries and industries highly dependent on coal, oil and gas have to be put in a position where they have much political, financial and social capital to lose if they don't make changes. Another effective action is for the scientific community to speak out much more. This goes against the nature of most researchers, but since climate change is an existential threat now is a time for change. Some have started doing this and (http://www.ecoshock.org/) is a great place to hear interviews with top scientists.

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Placing incentives to adopt Hydrogen society would probably be more worthwhile.

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No, I greatly care about the environment. And think that things such as solar power, public transportation, using more energy efficient appliances tax exemption for installing solar or wind power on private properties, hydrogen powered cars or any number of things great.

However, if we just arbitrarily set a number and a date then what we are dong is we are robbing the free market of the ability to produce these things. If we place demands on companies and individuals we will all suffer. Instead we need to realize as a culture that we need to change. If we just continue to advocate environmental protections. Or as I personally like to think of it, stewardship of the Earth. Then we will change. We have changed, it is obvious that many people care very deeply about the environment. I simply do not believe that the government is able to adequately handle this issue. Teach the people properly and we will continue to desire more environmentally friendly products.

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We have the technology and it's available and we know how to use it but there has to be the political support for reducing emissions. However that is not happening as I understand especially in the United States due to the deep partisan in America. In other words it apparently is a great stumbling block in order to pass any type of legislation to fight global warming. What I would like know is if that is true from a private citizen of America.

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Instead we need to realize as a culture that we need to change.

The problem is that the people most able to make that change (company executives), have the most incentive to not do so (profits). For that matter, some companies have a legal obligation to make the most profits they can for their shareholders, and as green incentives can take away from profits, they are dis-incentivized from doing so.

This is why we need legal frameworks that companies have to work within. An entirely free market is never good for society. It ends up with scorched earth, and no middle class.

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Is setting targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions an effective way to fight global warming?

What difference does it make? With everyone sparking up their Air Conditioners each summer (globally), it's a mathematically certainty that (sooner or later) the CFC's will ultimately destroy the ozone layer.

Get ur kicks while u can people-

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Yes! Otherwise, it will not happen.

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