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Is teleworking practical for employees at your workplace?


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I wish.

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In Tokyo, we were instructed to telework all day last week and this week because of the coronavirus situation.

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Seeing as how I work from home anyways and have a total workforce of one, its most practical for me, always has been.

No interest at all in commuting anywhere - waste of time and effort, when I can work from the comfort of home, take as many breaks as I like when I like, so long as the work gets done and submitted by the deadline.

Or not too far past it.

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Not these days, no. And that's all you're getting.

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Yes.  but they aren't as productive "working from home"

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I took a quick survey of some sales people. Seems they answer 100-200 emails a day and talk to the people sitting at the next desk for a total of five-ten minutes. They do other paperwork and call customers and agents throughout the day.

So, yes, teleworking is very possible and practical. Will they? No friggin’ way. They’d rather cough in the office.

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Likre most offices, we only do teleworking. But the rule is to do it in an office far from everything with timing starting/finishing at rush hour.

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something about faces on screen or 100 l-page word file to ‘comment ’ on making this interface medium distinct from person being in same space as me with essay or other text.”, less impressive and effective over all.

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As a high school teacher, I'd answer, yes. However, not in Japan. Many high schools around the world do online studies and students only have to attend selected lectures although, this requires conscientious and self-disciplined students who take charge of their education hence, not in Japan.

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Yes and but only about half the office is taking advantage of the option. Many others are using flexible work hours.

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Sadly - Absolutely impossible.

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Education sector .... I say NO (not in Japan).

But agree with Disillusioned.

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Yes, but nobody will be allowed to do it because nobody trusts anyone to actually work at home.

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Feeling clumsy at first, getting better adapted over time. Teleworking should be promoted with subsidy if needed to deal with overcrowded commuting namely in downtown Tokyo. It may also solve the rising problem of de-populated, brain-drains and shrinking rural communities across the country. Japan's professional life highly concentrated in urban areas is vulnerable to virus outbreak, terrorism and some natural disasters.

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