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Japan's Road Traffic Act does not define road rage which has been increasing in recent years and in some cases, people have been killed or seriously injured because of such dangerous driving. Because the law is vague on road rage, penalties handed to violators have been light, drawing criticism. How should the courts handle road rage cases?


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Well, one would think the law needs to be updated. The Japanese courts cannot change the laws or make make recommendations as courts other countries can (unfortunately). A better question is how can the public recommend the laws be changed? Start protests like in HKG?

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Endangerment, and depending on the case, assault.

Seems pretty obvious to me.

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Yeah it's a bit odd if these incidents can't actually be covered by existing laws. Start with charges on the crime that resulted in the most serious outcome then work backwards applying to all actions which broke the law.

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Penalty mark sticker to every car of once-no-life drivers allowed to drive again. And rental-cars to be automatically detected by police the drivers manners. Or the best way is to never permit to drive again in tribunals by national law those drivers all their lifetime. There are so many others not disclosed, still dangerous to find next sad incidents on the way down...

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Many laws in Japan are intentionally vague in the way they are worded to give police and courts discretionary powers and to put defendants and their attorneys on the back foot.

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Just got back from a trip to Phoenix and while driving there 3 days I didn't hear a horn honking once.

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Start with restricting the driving privileges of Japanese over 70 first before all this road rage rubbish

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It is simple really - if you are proven to have committed road rage, you pay a fine and lose the driving privilege for-ever. A lot of social outcasts are on the roads as of lately. To protect better people it is a must to act firmly and mercilessly. No second chances when you are gambling with people's lives.

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I'm not a lawyer but I'm sure there are other laws that prevent everyday objects being used in an aggressive manner toward others. There may not be a law specifically naming kettles, baseball bats, or pieces of scaffolding, but wave one of them at someone and the legal means is still there to treat it as assault/attempted assault etc. I doubt the law lets you walk into a shop carrying a realistic looking replica gun. Road rage is basically someone weaponizing a car in the same way.

I'd also be surprised if there isnt a law that severely punishes behaviour that interferes with the road safety of others, clotheslining motorcyclists, throwing rocks at cars, throwing tacks on the road etc. Again, road rage-powered dangerous driving could be interpreted this way.

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Start with restricting the driving privileges of Japanese over 70 first before all this road rage rubbish

People have been murdered in other countries due to road rage.

Often by others in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s.

Ageism really has no place in the argument.

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Confiscate the driving licence-simple and has immediate effect...

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