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Japan’s Juvenile Law says that criminal suspects aged under 20 cannot be tried as adults or have their names and photos published by media. Do you think this is too old to be considered a minor and if


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Maybe, unlike the rest of the world, Japan could let the CRIME decide if the suspect is a grown up or not, instead of his birth date?

On the other hand, of course... If a grown up is some one who takes responsibility for his actions and his life... then it will be hard in this country to find many grown ups.

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On the face of it you'd think 20 was a bit high to be considered a minor. But on the other hand I've met many Japanese, particularly females, who behave like minors well into their 20's.

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At age zero, as the function of government is to protect society.

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Where I come from in Europe, "18" is considered "adult" however, I think it depends on the "upbringing" and/or the "mental state" of the child. Some children can act and behave like adults at 15 - others not even at 20.

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... considered adult ... Some children can act and behave like adults at ...

There's the problem. Justice should be blind, and cookie-cutter, not carefully handcrafted to fit the individual case.

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20 is fine. 19 year olds aren't any more mature than 17 year olds.


Japan could let the CRIME decide if the suspect is a grown up or not, instead of his birth date

This idea makes no sense at all to me. Having the mental faculties to be legally treated as an adult doesn't have any relation to the crime committed.

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Well we had an article that the voting age was proposed to be lowered to 18. What is wrong with 18? Kids should have a single age where they know that mommy and daddy can no longer ride to the rescue.

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It is absolute garbage, if your old enough to take a life you are old enough for society to know who you are. It is absolute garbage that no one will know your name, where you live and that they could be your neighbor. The online sex offender and violent crimes registry works just fine and should be everyone's right to know that you might be living next to a convicted felon of a violent crime.

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18 for everything I think. old enough to leave school... get a job.. join the defence force.. drive a car.. should be able to have a drink but if you mess up... its also on you.

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20 year olds are adults. If they are old enough to drink, have sex, get married and drive then they are old enough to stand trial as an adult.

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If you cannot tell the difference between right and wrong by the age of 19, there is something wrong with you. Having 20 as the age of criminal responsibility is way too high.

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Japan’s Juvenile Law says that criminal suspects aged 20 or under cannot be tried as adults

This isn't exactly true. Family courts have the power to refer juveniles to the adult courts from a much younger age (from 14, I think). What used to happen a lot was the family court would veto the public prosectors request for escalation. I believe recent reforms have stopped them from being able to do this for the most serious crimes (one's involving death) - if the person is judged both mentally capable and a 'willing' participant in the crime.

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20 is too old, more like 18.

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If I were Jerry Lewis, I'd guess the question is from Dean.

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Ditto NZ2011 and Ah_so. Not only should it be 18, it needs to be 18.

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The age of adulthood should be set at the age where you can fight (and die) for your country. Consequently, that also should be the age where you can vote.

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I'd say 18!

Problem is Japan doesn't do a good job of getting its young to start thinking & acting like an adult during their teens, heck even past 20 for lots.

Japan would be better off if its young were pushed out the door so to speak so they can think more on their own instead of always looking left & right for input form others, basically I think young Japanese need to start growing up a little quicker than they do

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Adult crime adult time. I'd say depending on the offense 14-16 should be the threshold.

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Minors shouldn't ever be treated as adults by the courts.

The hint is in the word "minor".

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What age are you able to enlist in the service in Japan and fire a gun to protect and kill?

That should be the age of adult, as well as the age for smoking and alcohol in all countries.

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Like volland, I believe the crime and the nature of the crime should dictate how the defendant is charged. This would also depends on how competent the indivual mental state.

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The question is about criminal responsibility, not adulthood. In Japan people can leave school and work at 15, girls can marry at 16 and men at 18 so if somebody is old enough to work and support a family, they surely they should be responsible for what they do. 16 sounds good to me.

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