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Japan's Self-Defense Forces, who have not fired a shot in combat abroad since the end of World War II, are training for rescue missions and U.N. peacekeeping operations under new security-related laws


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Yamatodamashii is unknown among the present generation so they wont be much use.Anyway, most of the Sudanese are being accepted as refugees in Australia so the SDF may not have much to do. Then again, they may be needed in Australia to help keep them under control, so serious is the problem with gangs of rampaging Sudanese in that country.

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I'm sure they will be fine.

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If they're going after sea pirates on oil tanker ocean lanes off East Africa or rescuing civilians that include Japanese citizens in conflict zones

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Do not be fooled by men wearing makeup. These soldiers will obey orders and do fine.

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Come on! What is this? Really.

What should a SELF DEFENCE FORCE have to go abroad to join "rescue missions" and "UN peacekeeping operations" for?

Why doesn't Abe just come straight out with it and reinstate the Imperial Army of Japan?

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The soldiers when deployed will carry out their duties to the best of their training and ability. I am sure Bushido is alive in the minds of those who volunteered to joined the JDF.

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I hate we live in a world where this is a possibility, but since we do, I believe the SDF will conduct itself as the highly trained professional force it is. I would hope they won't be tossed into hopeless missions like the US one in Somalia back in the 1990s, but those kinds of things are our reality. They will be up to the task will called upon. I'm not sure the tasks will be worth the sacrifice, though.

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Unfortunately, they may do very well and be extremely, coldly efficient; just as they were over Korea, China, Russia, and, for quite a long time, the Brits and the Yanks

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Depends on the mission. If they go in a group to protect something where there is little risk I think they will do okay. If they are dropped into a war zone as back up, and I fully suspect the government. Wants to do this and assess their abilities, I think it would be a disaster. But with the right person in charge on the ground, you never know.

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Very true cleo. Japan doesn't really have a dog in any of these fights.

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Its is anyway totally ridiculous to send them into warzones and then prevent them from using force.

I agree wholeheartedly with the first 10 words of that sentence.

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As usual, easy to critize; The German army started to go back into armed conflicts from the 1990s.. some things worked well, some not... same like for any other army.. SDF will be fine

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How do you think the SDF will do in such situations? Will they be up to the task?

No. And when they start coming home in body bags, that will be the end of the Abe regime and hopefully the LDP

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Its is anyway totally ridiculous to send them into warzones and then prevent them from using force.

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If the police or civil servants here are anything to go by, the SDF may be like a mix of Tropic Thunder and Hot Shots.

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They should do fine. The sooner they get out into the world and start practicing skills, the better.

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Only prayers may save those who are trapped in a situation where SDF help is required.

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