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Looking at the state of global financial markets, what would you advise anyone with money to invest in?


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In my opinion, invest in things that have a stable market value such as precious metals or better yet, invest in things that increase in value such as land. One tip I can say with investment is that you only use your disposable income (if there's any) and keep your savings and utilities out of it.

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Avoid China. Its neo-Maoist economy will be doomed.

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Depends. I would steer clear of the horse drawn carriage market. I would invest in AI and self automation.

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Yourself. Invest in yourself. Your health. Your knowledge. Your security. Your happiness.

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In the coming years, nothing is 100% safe. Gold? The government can simply increase taxes on it or set prices and require that it be sold at approved exchanges - with arrest and criminal charges for anyone who tries to get around it. Land? Again, taxes can jacked up. And there is no guarantee than land will hold value either. Maybe buying farm land is the best option. If worst comes to worst, you won't starve - and people will always pay for food, no matter what the economy. For investments, the best advice is to spread them out among different areas and different jurisdictions.

ArtistAtLarge has a good point. Even if everything goes south, having a skill that others will need (especially if it's a priority need like roof repair, plumbing or medical care) will get you through even the worst times. What can you offer that people will pay for even when money is tight?

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Your abilities and skills to be able to survive any future negative situation including making your home self-sufficient as possible. Basic medical and healthcare.

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I would advise anyone with money to invest in earplugs and blindfolds so they don't hear or see advice from people without money telling them what to invest in.

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For the past 50 years, I invested in myself which gave me much more personal time than had I been working for a company. I developed a wide range of skills and capabilities. During those years I was also able to provide work for hundreds of others. I invested in myself and other people.

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Stick with US stocks, in particular cheap ETFs tracking the SP&500, and Japanese stocks.

Corporations continue have strong earnings regardless of the current market gyrations. The inflation fears are based on the US economy continuing its big rebound.

REITs aren't bad. Otherwise, no big changes, just buy more if and when the prices fall.

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Swiss Francs. Safe investment.

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Hard assets. The rest are massively overvalued

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Very wide question....What time span? Short term, two years... cash. Long term... Low fee index funds.

Or invest in a good oven and some baking courses..... An exceedingly good return!

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Gold and Silver, always.

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Military hardware (Nationalist regimes always start wars). Pharma (Vaccines will remain lucrative). Bottled, filtered tap water with added minerals (or sachets of minerals to add to tap water). Surveillance software. Government outsourcers. Basic dried food products.

Avoid AI and autonomous vehicles (they don't work and never will). Don't invest in anything your government don't want you to invest in. Avoid education, tourism, vehicles and any industry/supply chain that crosses international borders. Avoid BitCoin. Avoid anything likely to be indirectly banned due to its environmental consequences.

Invest in yourself: Buy somewhere rural, away from obvious (industrial, nuclear, governmental) targets, some distance above sea level, with a bit of good quality land. Learn to be self-sufficient with a wind turbine and solar for power. Grow your own food and learn how to preserve it.

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Bloomberg says most people believe the US stock market is rigged and that they're right. That's Bloomberg, not me, so save your down votes. They also say big returns on stocks are a thing of the past.

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Pre-Covid, your investments could be in anything popular, trending, cutting-edge, new, and global. Get it right and you could have been the next GAFA.

Post-Covid, your investments may need to be in anything aligned with government policy and wholly or largely within your national borders. Get it wrong and you will be a Chinese BitCoin exchange.

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The “green” sector in North America.

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They also say big returns on stocks are a thing of the past.

So what? They said that at the end of the dot com bubble. They said that after the financial crisis. They said that when Trump was elected. They said that after "taper tantrum in 2013," and so on and so on. If you actually heeded that sentiment, would've lost out BIG TIME.

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Invest in the Japanese tourism industry. Go and travel.

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Return of the Betamax.

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Concrete and barbed wire, to keep it civilian, humanistic and life-affirming, but by logic you surely would also necessarily add an investment in automatic turret guns. lol

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The US elections are a endless pot of wealth.

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Having lived through the dot.com bust and the Lehman shock, the people who lost it all were highly leveraged. My friend lost 100 grand in a few days as he was highly margined and the broker sold his stocks immediately to cover the margin when the market was in freefall. So, if you do invest, use little or no margin. Same with housing, I saw many people get their homes foreclosed in 2007-2013 in Florida because they bought a house with mostly debt that was many multiples their income, and they got as much loan as the bank would offer, so in case of any lost job they could not make the payment. I suggest keeping 6 months' living expenses in cash, then following a prudent investment strategy based on the above posters' advice. At the end of the day, your best investment is in your health and happiness.

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Commodities, we can already see the volatility entering the sector. The stock market is currently being propped up, look at the VIX and DXY both trying to breakout. Honestly in the next two years you'll probably want to be long oil, lithium, and uranium.

Gold is a waste of time. The TAM for it is shrinking because the only people who think it's a good investment are now dying of old age - no one under the age of 40 is buying precious metals. If you bought $10,000 worth of gold ten years ago, and sold it today, you'd now have $10,000. Minus fees, taxes, and then inflation has eaten 30% of the value of that $10k. Gold is dead. For a 5 year + time horizon blue-chip cryptocurrencies (btc, eth) are a much better place to go, especially Ethereum as it is closer to a tech stock and has considerably less negative press (environmental concerns, toxic fanbase etc).

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Due to Global Warming I would invest in Ice Cream, lol.

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If you bought $10,000 worth of gold ten years ago, and sold it today, you'd now have $10,000. Minus fees, taxes, and then inflation has eaten 30% of the value of that $10k. Gold is dead.

On the other hand, if you bought gold twelve years ago, you’ve nearly doubled your investment. And singling out gold for fees and taxes is nonsense. Capital gains taxes apply to stocks and gold alike. With stocks, you’re mostly locked in to using a broker. With gold, you have options to buy and sell privately without any fees.

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Looking at the state of global financial markets the only sensible thing to do looks like investing for afterlife. To do so, I have been steadily, though slowly, increasing the number of published papers. When I die, which will not happen soon, hopefully, my family and friends will be asked to recite a title of a paper they chose to bring to my grave, shred it and mix with incense, and happily burn the mixture.

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Invest in the 620 million dollar powerball,that will be drawn tomorrow Google Powerball

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