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Many people can recall a school teacher who had a major influence on their lives. Was there such a teacher in your life and how did he or she influence you?


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I hope they leave this one up for a day or two. I've a few to mention, but it's late in the day.

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A great teacher who you remember in your heart is a precious memory forever.

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Still remember my teacher from 4-6 years, Mrs Williams warm, gentle, like a grandma. She taught us all to play chess and have been playing ever since.

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Several teachers had a major influence on my life—they made me hate studying!

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My art teacher who heard I was good at maths and science and said, “best focus on that, Jimmy”.

Honesty, a swipe, and and a piece of good advice in 5 words.

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Funny that. My Art teacher told me exactly the same. But my Maths teacher told me to concentrate on History, and my History teacher said “Best stick to Art.”

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Yes, there were a few.

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I'm in touch with two on Facebook - and their descendants.

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In 1960 had a great teacher for 3rd grade elementary. She was quite a bit older than the other teachers, a divorced single mother. but very energetic and dreamed up a variety of projects for us to do that taught us about Native Americans, the environment, social problems, and such. All themes that I was already inclined to think and care about but it was great to get validation in school. In 4th grade we had a horrid, cold, unfeeling teacher and the whole class was happy to see her go when she suffered a mental breakdown midway through the year. Taught me a lot about how a teacher can create a toxic environment. Then in 5th grade we had a wonderful, calm teacher who had a real knack for quietly drawing out and strengthening the good points of every student. She created a real atmosphere of mutual trust and love in the classroom. The head of the school also was very apt at making things fun for us while letting us experience taking responsibility by planning school festivals etc. With the exception of the 4th grade teacher, they were all very inspirational and I often think of them fondly and with gratitude.

invalid CSRF

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My English teacher at middle school. He also ran the climbing club and guitar club, both of which I belonged too. Grizzled and rude, I had no idea teachers could be cool. I am 55 now and still play guitar, still climb and I teach English! I guess he had an influence.

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My physics teacher, Sir Dixie, during my high school days was popular enough for his students (and his other students from neighboring schools) to make him his own Facebook fan page. What made us look up to him was his unconventional way of teaching that used practical examples in his equations that made a boring subject into an enjoyable one. Another trait we love about him was he taught us life lessons and hacks that we'll never forget. Good teachers are worth their weight in gold

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I was never really close to any of my teachers to the point where they influenced my life. There were several that I got along with and I have nothing but high opinions of, but they weren't really involved in my life once school was finished.

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Dr. Becker, taught me to always check my fly. Lacking that, always wear interesting underwear.

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I retired last year as a teacher. I am surprised this comment list is not filled with thousands of compliments to me.

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Always stick the knife in perpendicular. Don’t cut across the body. “That’s slashing, not stabbing, boys.” Mr Penrose would intone, with a sneer....

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