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March 11, 2011: What are your memories of that day?


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Had to walk back home with the trains stopped. Sidewalks were jammed with people. At least I could get home after a few of hours. Others lost their homes or lives.

Couldn't buy milk, bread, toilet or tissue paper or flashlights or batteries for 2-3 weeks afterward because of all the panic buying. One supermarket was stripped bare of virtually everything.

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A dark night as if everyboby desappeared. When that disaster occured, I was a high school student. It took two more hours to get home than usual due to the power failure. When I got to my home towm, I couldn't say anything at that moment because no persons and no cars are on the street. No sounds can hear. I felt as if I were in the town in ruins. Then fear and anxiety came in my mind. I'll never forget what I saw, hear and felt.

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Poor English Speaker. An impressively powerful account. Many thanks!

For me, I was on holiday abroad when the shocking news hit the screens everywhere. As I was planning to fly back to Japan to continue teaching from April, I tried to buy a Geiger counter, but I discovered how difficult they were to find. My Japanese friends actually expressed gratitude that I had come even back to Japan.

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The scenes of the tsunami - people were sending footage into NHK online almost as soon as it was happening. It was horrifying to see those small figures running for higher ground, desperately trying to outrun that black monster of a wave, and to see not all of them make it.

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I was in high school back then. I remember hearing the news of the mega earthquake later that night to which I immediately contacted my classmate whose mother lives in the Tohoku region. She later told us that her mother was safe thank goodness.

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Terrifying. I remember the lowering of lights throughout Tokyo for many weeks after. I wish that had remained. Eight years...so much further to go.

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Just arrived home from work around 3PM and was checking email when the earthquake hit. Already had a lot of emergency supplies in the house, but I got a few things including batteries at the 100円 shop anyway. The normies went nuts at the supermarket clearing shelves of bread, ramen, toilet paper, etc. smiling will protect you from radiation : )

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