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Most people wish, hope and pray for peace in the world. So why are there still so many wars going on?


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power & greed.

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Besides the usual reasons of greed, ideology and natural resources, another is that there are still too many nations without democracies. I may be wrong but I can't think of one example in human history where two democracies went to war against each other. Of course, I know that the Nazis were elected democratically but they quickly turned Germany into a dictatorship.

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In most case wars are started by the individuals running the state or government, not by the population. Most of the time, they are results of disputes over resources and land, or by government's desire to increase its influence and power. However the fact is that passions, greed, covetousness, hatred and the selfish purpose of man is actually what really causes war and leads to destruction. In developing countries and other parts of the world where life is hard and when people are oppressed with little hope for the future there is not any stable, lasting peace. Therefore it appears that lasting peace depends on creating societies with richness of opportunity and variety that can meet human needs such as in the economically developed countries like America and the United Kingdom. They are rich and varied that there are many ways of satisfying these needs through sports, careers, entertainment, and hobbies. In the end if these needs are unsatisfied, and if there is an obvious enemy or oppressor to direct them towards, then warfare is almost inevitable.

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There are still people on the planet, that's why. When ALL people are gone, that's when war will cease. Until then, there will be no real 'peace on earth.'

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Because wishes, hopes and prayers don't do anything.

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Religion, Governments, Big Business

Get rid of those 3 & mankind MIGHT be a little gentler...........

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No-one is listening...

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Religion. Sorry, but you can't ignore the facts.

Religion is out of place in a modern society. Islamic extremists are clamouring on to an outdated & dying ideology. It also has no place in politics or policy making.

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Lack of sincerity.

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Yeah power, corruption, money, control and greed are all right up there with the simple fact that praying to some religious god does not work, here is proof !

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War and destruction is a source of making money and some corporates/Govt would love to create wars for sake of money. Greed.

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You can make more money and have better control when people are impoverished and/or cannot protect themselves. The more independent people are the larger chance people and whole Governments can be thrown out in a systematic way. With chaos it is much easier to install that tyranny quickly and not let independent and informed people make good choices.

=so with war (chaos) you can get people off the land much easier and indebt them hopefully again. In Europe (Spain, Italy, Portugal etc) some of these people had been on the same land for many years and many paid no taxes (had land rights that precluded any tax). =they had to get these people paying servitude to the Gov again. Of course worship of the Gov is the preferred eventual structure (socialism/Libs, North Korea, Nazi etc).

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We who live on "rich" countries would blame anything but ourselves. We allowed our government to go out and "secure/steal" resources for us. We couldn't care less of what happen to some middle eastern or african countries, as long as we get constant supply of electricity, abundant food, next gen phone, continuous rising stock market, etc. but somehow we feel better by blaming "evil" corporations, evil governments, and even religion which is mostly used as a reason to justify cause to steal lands and resources.

Don't be a hypocrite, if you want war to stop, you start a revolution in your own country, start by toppling your government, promote peaceful policy, etc. otherwise, you're just like me, don't really care. Call me cold or evil.

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Human nature.

Plato said that "only the dead know the end of war."

And he was right.

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Hate is instilled first driven by propaganda,inferiority complex, pride and ignorance. Some people will actually drive that hate into others for personal gain. Once hate propagated into the general populous it's just a matter of time for it to reach flash point in which the people will want war against another group.

The only way to deal with it is to talk fact. Just look at some of the poster on this forum that turns into broken record players that can only regurgitate the same propaganda when someone post fact as argument.

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It's not so difficult. Lions, tigers and bears fight for territory. We've just stepped it up a notch to include religion, vanity and pride.

Gort is the only one who can put an end to it.

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War is good for business. That is one major reason we have wars.

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The wealthy "elite" (perhaps many from the top .1%) wish it. They have a great deal of power of propaganda and deception.

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SamuraiBlue "The only way to deal with it is to talk fact. Just look at some of the poster on this forum that turns into broken record players that can only regurgitate the same propaganda when someone post fact as argument."

LOL that there is a perfect example of one reason why wars start. Your fact, isnt the same as someone else's. When you consider your fact could be wrong, how capable are you of just swallowing that loss? Then multiply you by x number factor and there is one ticking bomb. Reallly! gave me a laugh that one. Fact?????

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Because the folk who start wars don't have to fight them.

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