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News providers are criticizing the Google News site for linking to their content without sharing advertising revenue. What do you think about the issue?


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sounds fair and reasonable that they should share the advertising revenues

they obviously did not advertise this, however, as I had never heard of the google news site

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I think of it this way: Google says, "Go to the Nantoka Shimbun website and read their story about the whale in Biwako." If I want to read the story, I click on the link and go to the Nantoka Shimbun website, see their ads, and then read the story. The newspaper wants Google to give them money for giving free advertising space to theie newspaper? that's crazy. Other websites pay the sites that refer people to them. If I wanted to carry ads on my website, the companies who made the ads would pay me, not the other way around.

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Petty! It's news, not business!

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As long as Google does not quote the entire article, I think they are doing good business, as henro stated, if I wanted to read that article, I would click on the link and go to the news agencies' web page to read and be bothered with their adds!

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All these people criticising and hating on Google should remember that when you point the finger at someone, there are 3 fingers pointing back at you.


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well.. google is getting more and more evil as i can see. without people kicking crying and complaining about them, they can easily be the next MS!

DeepAir65 "as I had never heard of the google news site"

try www.google.com and keeyword "news"

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OK - now I see it.

No don't think they need to pay for that. Won't be using it though - much prefer the selected news sources that I use now

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It's the internet, information is free and everywhere, get over it "news agencies".

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who cares?

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FARK and SLASHDOT are much better sites to find meaningful news. And if they say your news is meaningful, you had better have your cash registers lined up and ice trays on top of your servers.

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Henro & Okisurfer are absolutely right. Complaining about free advertising from the world leader in search is plain stupid. If a company complains, Google should simply stop linking to their content and those same companies providers will quickly line up to be included again when incoming links drop.

Too many news providers are stuck in the 20th century and need to adapt or die.

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