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Nissan Motor Co CEO Carlos Ghosn's remuneration for fiscal 2011 was Y987 million (Nissan's net profit was Y341.43 billion). Is he worth that much to the automaker?


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Wud Nissan even still exist, without Carlos.............

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I think he,s worth that much, He turned Nissan from being in the red to the black... Remember CEO,s of other Major companies are paid much more than the Japanese one,s and Mr Ghosn is CEO of 2 car Companies I believe..

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His salary should be much higher.

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I don't know how many times more than a floor worker that is, but it must be several hundred. They are the ones who did the actual physical work in the real world. No, there is no way Ghosn or any man is worth that much more than a floor worker. And the sort of entitlement that that salary represents is a major reason why bailouts became necessary in America, why American automotive industry took a beating in the 80s, and why America no longer makes much steel. If Japan inc pays execs like this, they will be in the same rut in the future. Nobody responds well to being spoiled.

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Deserves of course. Who helped Nissan turn itself around? Who made Nissan reclaim the no 2 Japanese auto manufacturer from Honda? Who revamped the Nissan Skyline series, making the GTR one of the most cost effective beloved racing cars in the world? Who combined French design with excellent Japanese auto engineering? Carlos Ghosn is a business executive who deserves all the praise and money he can ask for. He saved a large Japanese company and made it more profitable than ever. Compare that with GM's Akerson who received 7.7 million for running a defunct, still indebted car company. Ghosn deserves every penny.

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