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Nissan Motor Co Chairman Carlos Ghosn was paid 1.10 billion yen in fiscal 2016. What do you think of compensation levels for CEOs? Is anyone worth that much money to a company?


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In Ghosn's case I think it's deserved. He took over when the company was in trouble and made it healthier now. Even though he had to downsize the staff, the number of jobs at Nissan he actually saved compensated for the former.

1.1 Billion Yen is about US$ 9 million. To put it in perspective, the average salary for Forbes's top 500 CEOs is US 14 Million. What was not obvious from the survey headline is that he is also retiring (or maybe already retired) in 2017. So that figure may have already included retirement bonuses and such.

If I were a shareholder, I don't think I would mind the company paying someone for the result of their work. The ENRON types however...

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...and oh yeah, on a side note, he also proved that non Japanese people can perform well at Japanese companies.

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he is. do you realize Nissan would not even exist had he not saved it? Give him more...

Other CEOs not sure..

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Is anyone worth that much money to a company?

If it's the difference between the company being profitable and the company making losses, I should think "yes".

If leadership doesn't matter at all, then I'd say no, but I think leadership is valuable and important.

(Come to think of it, Japan should be privatized. There is a serious deficit of good leadership in Nagatacho and the voters don't seem to have the ability to correct this.)

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He is worth every penny.  just supporting the new GTR deserves this money.

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Voters everywhere don't have the ability to fix dysfunctional governments.

I have no problems with deserved compensation, like Ghosn.

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