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On average, how much time each day do you spend on social networking sites?


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Very little, thankfully.

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Pre-pandemic: 1 hour.

Pandemic: Sorry, we have ‘lost all sense of time’.

What year is it? Seems like 2020 is still going on, and on, and on, ...

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At most an hour a week. If Youtube is considered a social networking site, then I spend at least 9 hours a week.

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Is JT a social networking site? Or anti-social?

Either way, too much time. Must read more books.

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Somebody is downvoting my posts concerning books and comics, this morning.

What's the matter, kid? Idea of reading frightening?

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1 to 5 mins every couple of days on FB, keeping track of Jpop, Kpop and friends. Sometimes I share a photo, link to a new Japanese or Korean MV on YouTube or post a Kdrama review.

Works fine for me. I don't know why people make such a fuss about it. Tweak the options so it works the way you want it to.

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Maybe an hour or so. I dislike Facebook however it has one useful function which is groups to exchange information on particular topics which is moderated to delete the freak posters. I am currently following one topic on return to Japan entry requirements which is very helpful to exchange practical information.

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Zero. I call them a social media.

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Zero, I have zero accounts. So I spend 5 mins trolling JT.

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None and don't have a single account on any for more than 10 years.

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Not much. Except JT occasionally.

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I have only recently started commenting here and find people friendly to say the least, but do not spend much time commenting. Too many important news sites to scan and compare to make educated guesses and reactions.

Never used FB. Had instagram once for my art, but they kept ratcheting my viewers because they did not like my body art. Silly people.

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I have only recently started commenting here

Bwahahahaha!!! LOL!!!

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Including my 20 minutes on JT, about 20 minutes.

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JT is not a social network site. It's a news and current affairs forum.

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I don’t expose me so much to their cancel culture. They have their unified opinions and I have my opinions and that’s the way we keep it.

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I think I've spend too much time trolling on JT this morning. And during the last two years, too much time on Facebook. I wish I could lessen my screentime but man, it's hard. Specially now I've lost contact with say many friends during the pandemic.

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blvtzpkApr. 8  06:03 pm JST

I have only recently started commenting here

Bwahahahaha!!! LOL!!!

I wonder how many other ex JT Forum members are still around?

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Probably about 2 hours at the most. I'm mostly either working, listening to music, or getting around the neighborhood.

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