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Once airports and borders open again and people are able to fly freely, how much are you ready to change your flying habits? Forbes magazine says steps being discussed are no cabin bags, no lounges, no automatic upgrades, face masks, surgical gloves, self-check-in, self-bag-drop-off, immunity passports, on-the-spot blood tests and sanitation disinfection tunnels.


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I don't agree with some of the recommendations Forbes said like no cabin bags and on the spot blood tests. If all of these were really enforced by the TSA and other government travel authorities, it would discourage a lot of casual and non-essential travelers. If that's what authorities are aiming for, then they'll probably succeed.

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If this is really the future of air travel, nobody will fly unless absolutely no choice. Will just kill the industry.

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no cabin bags, no lounges, no automatic upgrades, face masks, surgical gloves, self-check-in, self-bag-drop-off, immunity passports, on-the-spot blood tests and sanitation disinfection tunnels.


making sure there’s a new HEPA filter in the airplanes air circulation system.

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I can live with extra procedures and no cabin baggage, but I'm more worried about the price. I expect ticket prices to be a lot more expensive in the future to make up for the lower passenger volumes.

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Less travel, less pollution.

That said, it would be sad to see commercial flight be solely the domain of the elite, as it was many years ago.

Everyday people should have the chance and opportunities to travel, as well.

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Immunity passports are useless, they just show you were immune when you got it. Gloves are a waste of time, you are still touching things. - clean your hands and stop touching your face.

Getting rid of non-food outlets in airports would help, allow more room for properly placed seating too.

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Plexiglas panels separating each seat would be welcomed. I would want those even if there's no virus.

If a vaccine is developed, then all those points above will become irrelevant.

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Some people need to carry medicines and other things on board with them so I think no carry on luggage is not good but the least of the troubles especially when talking about blood tests, immunity passports, surgical gloves , masks and things.

Air travel will become obsolete if they introduce these measures and others.

The cost of travel will sky rocket as air lines try to cover the huge losses they have suffered.

Cabin spacing will also come into play, as in space between seats. More distance will be required .

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No cabin baggage: What about families with kids who need to carry essentials with them? What about business travelers and students who needs to carry their laptops or other important equipment?

Immunity passports: There is no evidence of immunity yet, so immunity passports are not even an option in the short term.

Masks and gloves: Very limited effectiveness in the absence of proper social distancing and ventilation.

On-the-spot testing: May work if it can be done reliably in a few minutes, rather than hours. But the accuracy of such tests has to be close to 100% otherwise the whole exercise will be a waste.

Unless and until a vaccine is found and most of the global population gets vaccinated, flying will be a nightmare and a huge health risk. Businesses will no doubt allow travel for essential reasons only as remote working and video-conferencing will become the new normal accepted everywhere. Travel for leisure will most likely take a long time to pick up and tourists will stay away due to fears of getting infected and expectations of significant inconveniences. So in short, things don't look too good for the travel industry for quite some time to come.

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Some travel experts predicting travel wont get on stream properly until 2023

"New analysis from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) says it will take years until long-haul travel recovers to pre-pandemic levels."

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The TSA already made air travel too much of a hassle. Walk those back and we can discuss wearing whole-head air systems or using drop-down partitions after being seated. Give me a "drink line" to my seat controlled like those fancy soda machines with 500 flavors and domestic flights can be nearly no-touch for the crew.

Don't really want to wear rubber gloves as my hands sweat. Who is going to drain the gloves every 30 minutes?

No cabin baggage can be mostly solved by prohibiting airlines from charging more for checked luggage. People need to have some carry on for personal items. I won't be checking my $9,000 in cash, passport, cell phone, ear plugs, medications, clean shirt and socks.

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