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Overall, what did you think of the standard of games at this year's World Cup?


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The games I watched were compelling - the finesse, the strength and accuracy of the players was impressive . . I think some referees made mistakes i

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The fact that bad games stood out like the proverbial dogs whatsits says it all. Brilliant tournament especially the first half of it.

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Good in group stages, less exciitng later on. &-1 was nice though.

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The group stage was the best I've seen. Lots of goals and some big shocks such as Italy and Spain going out. I was in a sweep at work where we had to predict the outcomes of the second stage games and most people scored at least 12 out of 16. A bit predictable but some very interesting games. Overall, one of the best I've seen.

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Not too bad considering I'm not a football fan, but the BBC and ITV commentators here in the UK need taken to task... they were continually biased in favour of the South American teams, so much so that last night, as they fawned over Messi I felt like shouting "get a room!"

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The group stage games were fantastic...then it was obvious the FIFA politics at work...Messi best player? The german Goalkeeper got the golden glove? C'mon.

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It is a pity the poor have to pay for this tournament The South/Latin American countries are still cheats. FIFA as a governing body are still corrupt. Over all despite my negative comments, the tournament went well.

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Probably the best since 1982.

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@ticaile, in your infinite wisdom, who deserved the awards then?

The german Goalkeeper got the golden glove? C'mon.

The German goalkeeper was a monster. He deserved the golden glove.

Messi best player?

Yes. Best individual player.

Glad Germany won. South American soccer is overrated anyway.

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The problem with these awards at the World Cup is it's hard to give it to someone who got knocked out early in the tournament and might have only played 4 or 5 games compared to 7, but there were easily much better individual performances than Neuer and Messi, especially Messi.

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The games were great, the officiating a little suspect, but what are you going to do if FIFA continues to use officials from all parts of the world. My only and constant complaint was the lack of English here in Japan. And the atrocious bias the Japanese had for both Brazil and Argentina. Especially for Neymar and Messi. I'm looking forward to Euro 2016 when WOWOW will broadcast the games and offer English on the sub-channel.

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I thought the games were great. I do however, wish the J TV would get decent commentators as let's be honest, painful at best.

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Japan played as well it possibly could!

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