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Points cards are popular at many shops and other places of businesses in Japan. How many do you have?


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None. I got rid of all of them.

Just like collecting Pokemons on Pokemon Go or Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, points cards at stores have the same psychological tactics. They make you want collect more points by spending more.

Montbell and Tsutaya point cards, on top making you spend more to "collect" points, they also ask you to pay an annual membership to keep your points. So you're not really saving anything.

I'd say Yodobashi and Bic Camera are useful ones. But when you check the prices on Amazon and other online stores for the same item, the amount of money you'd save online is the same amount of points they'd "give" you at Yodobashi for the same product.

So the points you're "collecting" to spend for "free" later is the same amount you would have saved online.

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zero.annoying spying tool.unecessary piece of plastic.

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Out of the top of my head: 3 cards

.a Ks Denki card, not a point-card per se but a card enabling a price-reduction in percentage at the shop's cash-register, frequent use.

.the whatsit-card from Seven-Eleven for the rare times that I need to buy something late at night, rarely use it though

.a T-point card which I was using before COVID whenever I was going to a Family restaurant when coming home late (and trashed) from work.

On the T-point card, as I started to work remotely back in 2020 I have been hardly using it and noticed that I had quite a loot in points, points which I was going to lose by end 2020. I also noticed that I similarly, I had a lot of points on my SMBC credit-card which incidentally were also going to get lost by end 2020.

I looked up the possibilities to change them into some nifty (but useless) present (thanks, SMBC!) or transfer them to some card where they may (again) get lost after some time and ultimately decided to convert the whole loot into points via Yahoo. I thought about either:

.using them for purchases on Yahoo auction or Yahoo shopping

.donating them to (animal) charities through Yahoo bokin (募金 - donation)

I went for a charity which I found via a Yahoo news article according to which they were running into problems due to COVID. Unfortunately, they didn't have a Yahoo bokin account and when I suggested they open one, they were told by Yahoo that no further donation accounts would be opened as they (Yahoo) were overrun by similar requests since COVID started and decided to freeze opening of new accounts.

I asked the charity what pet-related stuff they needed (food, toilet-sheet, etc), got the list, bought it for them and got it delivered directly to them through Yahoo Shopping, courtesy of "Naoto Date".

Therefore, if you have point-cards you don't really use or points about to get lost on your credit-card, you can either generally convert the points to wallet-money for shopping or better, for a good cause. Give it a shot, if anyway you don't really care because the money is peanuts, just think that "small streams make big rivers" to those at the receiving end as they say.

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I think only Bic camera because it is a good deal if you buy something expensive from them. Otherwise, I don't have time or room in my wallet.

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T-point card is the best. I get a free tank of gas once every two months or so.

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I have a stack but only use 3 or 4, and that is rarely. I do nearly all my merchandize shopping online.

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Zero. There's enough data harvesting going on without volunteering to donate more.

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I used to have quite a few, but after realizing half or more of the thickness of my wallet was in cards that should all be digital anyway, I tossed nearly all. Kept the T-point card, an Osho gyoza stamp card (only since I go there sometimes anyway)... and that's it. I did get a couple of digital apps to use, like 7-11, to replace the outdated card system, but on the whole I just flat out shake my head when asked if I have such-and-such card and/or would I like to apply if I don't. Such a waste of space.

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Rakuten Points was the only one worth having.

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Docomo D point card is good. No fee, collect points on almost all purchases and then used said points to pay for stuff. K's Denki card gives you an automatic 5% discount, so not bad.

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