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Remakes are a staple in Hollywood. Which of your all-time favorite movies would you absolutely not like to see remade?


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The Harry Potter series. Especially if the PC crowd got hold of it.

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The keep threatening to remake The Wild Bunch and I'd hate to see that. It would just become a big, dumb action film instead of a haunting elegy about men no longer being in their time. Also, Road House and Big Trouble in Little China. You can't get lightning in a bottle twice.

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The Back to the Future trilogy, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the StarWars original trilogy or their prequels (as much as some fans disliked the acting, dialogue and discouraged George into selling, the prequels are still better than that Disney “Return of Palpatine” alternate-reality in recent years.

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Last Action Hero

Any Steven Seagal movie

Going Overboard

Nightmare on Elm Street.


Friday the 13th


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If a movie is truly an "all time favorite" then I don't want it remade at all. I'm ok for sequels, prequels or spin-offs to be made though for almost anything.

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A Star is Born

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Forrest Gump.

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Nothing, thanks.

Hollywood frankly sucks.

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Well, I would add this: would be much better if they can make some LOTR anime movies animated by Madhouse or Mappa, that would be awesome.

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Some anime are fine in their own, original format. No need for live-action like that Cowboy Bebop disaster and the soon-to-be-equally-cringy live action ONE PIECE.

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Cool Hand Luke, Room with a View, the Crying Game

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Kind Hearts and Coronets.

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Angels With Dirty Faces, White Heat, Public Enemy, Psycho, Se7en and Pulp Fiction.

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A Star is Born

Too late. (Several times over!)

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Howard The Duck

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"Room With a View" is one of my favorites too.

I rewatch it at least once a year and really enjoy it.

It's perfect as it is.

The awards that its cast has won since it was released in 1985 is staggering.

Whoever cast that movie sure knew what they were doing.

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Pukey2Jan. 15  07:25 pm JST

A Star is Born

Too late. (Several times over!)

Duh, that's why I don't want to see another one?

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Harry Potter. UNLESS they go through the ideas, storyboards etc with a fine tooth comb, consult the right people, get the right producers and network etc. In my head, a very well and carefully thought out Harry Potter TV series that fleshed out all the details the movies couldn't would be absolute fire. BUT i just don't think anyone could do it justice. And it feels like a betrayal to the original cast who were so integral to the characters and movies. Maybe in animation form instead? Hmm...

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Casablanca, Summertime, The Quiet Man,

It's A Wonderful Life, Roman Holiday.

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Be Kind,Rewind.

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To Kill a Mocking Bird

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The Good,the Band and the Ugly.,

The Great Escape,



Crimson Tide,

Enemy of the State,

Training Day.

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I think anyone who tried to remake The Godfather would be on a hiding to nowhere.

That said, my late Dad laughed out loud when he heard that Jeff Bridges was in a remake of True Grit, and I talked him into giving it a chance.

He would only say, "That was acceptable", which was high praise indeed.

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@Derek Grebe

Your father has good taste.

Jeff Bridges is an awesome actor.

You made me think of another of his movies that I would like to add to my list......'Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.'

Also totally unrelated but I would add 'Platoon' to my list as well.

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Remakes are almost always just lazy film making, evidencing a total lack of imagination or initiative. The original if an “all-time classic” is not going to be bettered by some hack at a later date, so the answer is none.

If the original film was bad or a flop, there might be a case for re-working it as it obviously can be improved.

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Love Story. Dirty Harry. Dances With Wolves. Paper Moon. Phenomenon. Mrs. Doubtfire.

Too many to name, really.

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1-A "political correct" pulp fiction.

2-john Wick=Joanna Wick

3-rambo first blood=

Rambi monthly blood

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Clerks, Waiting, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Save the World

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