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Shibuya Ward wants to ban drinking on the streets and parks near Shibuya station during Halloween to prevent pranks, vandalism and other trouble. What's your view on this?


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I hope they don't do it. If they do it, then all those kids will come to Shinjuku, where I live, and make a real mess.

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The world needs more parties and fun. The biggest problem I saw last year was garbage, and I'm sure the city could provide them if it tried.

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provide garbage bins, that is.

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My thoughts....how will this be enforced? Drunk people will still walk around, go to bars, etc. If your already drunk, rowdy, and dressed up to go out for Halloween, what diff will it make to the 95% of peeps?

I don’t cause trouble, flip cars, and get into fights. Those who do, will do it regardless of whether you can’t open carry or not.

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People will just get hammered before coming, or carry booze in a different container; robbing local merchants of alcohol sales.

If you can’t beat’em, join’em applies in this situation.

Allocate a public park nearby, like Miyashita park for the festivities. Street stalls will pay for rental space, local merchants will have in influx of customers, and the partiers will be contained in one space.

But that would make too much sense.

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The city could make an effort to create designated spaces to hold celebrations instead of trying to resist them as it has been the past few years. Resistance is futile, you're not going to stop millions of people from gathering there. The city may as well make proper arrangements to handle the crowd. Does not seem like the city has invested anything into proper planning and management of halloween other than filling the streets with as many police as possible.

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it would be good to control these anti-social 'funs'. Much more significant than the millions of drivers who go through red lights and pay little attention to the roads while watching tv in their cars.

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The police have to enforce the law.

However, what can young people in Japan do to enjoy themselves?

The options are limited.

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If you want someone to blame, start with the idiots who litter and damage property this past year. All the convenience stores who sell alcohol to the attendees offer each and every one of them a plastic bag, which they can keep their empty cans in to take home. And if you care about plastic so much, you can get a tote bag for Daiso. Have some level of responsibility.

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So what you are all saying is it's the police to blame for the damages and litter. Pass the buck as always.

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Not in public space. There needs to be one isolated place somewhere around Aokigahara Forest where party people should be thrown at. That would be real fun for both party goers and the quiet people.

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