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Should Japan adopt daylight saving time in summer?


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Yes, simply because it will generate employment for next couple of years espeecially in the IT sector.

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It's not a good idea because the extra sunshine would make plants seed and fruits ripen too early in the season. Also the extra sunshine would make the curtains fade.

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Again? How many times? Yes there should be an adjustment of the clocks, because it' stupid to be awake with the birds singing at 4, and it's very pleasant to be home in the garden, with a barbecue and a few beers while it's still light.

But it will never happen here because someone has decreed that Japanese people will be too confused to cope with it.If I were Japanese, I'd be angry that I had been assumed too stupid to understand numbers.

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Yes! I hate being woken up at 4:00 AM because it's sunny

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I think the clocks should be permanently moved forward one hour. Changing the clocks twice a year would be far too confusing for Japanese and, therefore, the idea cannot possibly be entertained as "confusion" is to be avoided at all costs. If you have flexible working hours you can simply start and finish an hour earlier in summer.

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The arguments against or for summer time will never cease as it [summer time] will never benefit a whole nation. Personally I am for re-adopting DST, summertime. Or how about changing the nine to five day to an eight to four?

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I always hated DST in the U.S., and I'm so glad they don't have it here in Japan. There's been research done on DST showing that it is actually harmful to your health and accidents are more likely to happen in the weeks following the change over.

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I would make a suggestion, but I seriously doubt the country could handle it. Could you imagine the rail operators & company managers adopting these changes? Absolute pandemonium would ensue. Japan Inc. does not welcome change on any level!

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It`s great. We have had daylight saving for many years during our summer season. Come to New Zealand during our SOUTHERN SUMMER. See for yourself. You are very welcome.

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For those who like the sun to be at its highest at noon, Okayama seems pretty close (currently 12:01). Tokyo is about 20 minutes earlier. Fukuoka is about 15 minutes later.

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Aligning the time zone with Beijing would be as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit.

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No, DST is terrible. If anything Japan should change the time zone. About 1-2 hours back would be good. I get up at 5:30 and still miss a lot of daylight because the sun rises so early.

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Why not if daylight savings time can provide more usable hours of daylight for activities that occur in the afternoon such as recreation, sport events etc. Also it can be a means of conserving electrical and other forms of energy.

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Either that, or adjust the time zone and either have two, or else one time zone that is pushed ahead. It is ridiculous and wasteful to still be sleeping at 4:15 a.m. when the sun rises, then still at work, with electricity blazing, at 6:00 when it starts getting dark. There is no downfall at all to adjusting the time, save that a bunch of right wingers and old people thing it would be the "Western world pushing them again" instead of just realising it's common sense.

What negative effects are there? Seriously? Some people might forget? That's not an excuse.

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Simple solution. Move to western Japan. Because Japan has only one time zone when it should have two, you get more daylight in western Japan.

But, if you think Japan is odd in having only one time zone, check out communist China. It is vastly larger than Japan but it has only one time zone.

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Yes ! I miss having dinner outdoors at 20h00 with the sun shining ! (As we often did in Europe).

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From a personal point of view, yes. To get a fuller sense of the seasons Summer needs to include longer daylight hours in the evening. And it just feels good to eat and drink outside on a balmy evening in lingering daylight. It is one of the pleasures of summer denied to us by all-too-quick darkness.

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I am not sure about summer time, but it seems they could do with an hour (or two) of adjusting. Sunrise is before 5am in summer, yet the sun is down as early as 18:30. A complete waste of daylight.

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No, I just wish they would adjust the time zone, and leave it there. If we were two time zones over, the sun wouldn't rise at 3:50 in the morning. The Japanese are so against changing their clocks twice a year, that this seems to be the best solution. Even people in North America are thinking about getting rid of DST.

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