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Some airlines are requiring passengers wear masks on board. What do you think of this?


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It’s an inconvenience for sure, but if you don’t like it, don’t fly or choose a different airline.

Airlines need to provide advance notice so passengers can make their own arrangements for masks if they want to, but airlines also need to front up with providing masks if passengers haven’t done so.

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They will.

I coughed a couple times on a flight during the SARS crisis. I was handed a mask and asked to put it on, though there was nobody sitting near me.

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Yeah, common sense should be compulsory.

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No problem. If the airline requires it then I am happier to fly with them.

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It's a given that this will be the new normal till at least a vaccine gets found.Every airline will have to introduce it eventually,whether they want to or not.Though I don't remember reading that many cases of people getting it on a plane,like on ships.

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Put a ventilated bag over my head and let me sleep.

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As they should.

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I think it's a necessary measure at a time like this. In my previous flights, there would always be that super sick person that would cough, sniffle and clear their throat frequently without even covering their face. I also would like to believe that face masks are great for muffling the sound of snoring

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Sounds like a good idea. And they should just hand them out at the beginning of the flight.

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Small price to pay. I've done it before during SARS, and that extra CO2 didn't kill anyone. Comply or sit on top of the plane.

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Does the airline provide quality N95 masks?

It is all about being in risky situations. Being near others for 10 minutes can provide sufficient exposure to convey the virus. An airline will have hundreds of strangers in a confined area for 1-24 hours, so anything less than N95 probably leans towards luck if nobody gets infected.

If people are expected to provide their own masks, then we'll end up with some bandana masks and some surgical and some 3-layer, but homemade, and a few N95s. Who would you like sitting 1 seat away?

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12 hour flight wearing a mask. Asking permission to use the toilet. No meals and drinks. All sounds like hell in the sky.

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The airline should provide the mask if they want people to wear one

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Yet another reason I won't be flying anytime soon. It's been 15+ years since I've been home, and it doesn't look like I'll be going anytime soon with these stupid rules. 14 hours smothered under a mask? No thanks.

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On my first flight to Japan salarimen were smoking in the non-smoking section. Now, the entire plane is non-smoking. Nice improvement.

One flight back to Japan I sat next to an older salariman who insisted on coughing, hacking, wheezing, and blowing his nose. Except for the nose, he never even attempted to cover his mouth.

I'd prefer masks to that. Especially now that I'm in the danger zone (by age.)

My question is, when there is food and drink service, will passengers be allowed to take their masks off? If yes, then isn't having the mask on in the first place fairly useless?

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its the new normal. wear a mask. save lives

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Well outside of domestic you aren't going too far any way.

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There's no evidence that masks saves lives, show me the data. Just wait for someone to pass out from wearing a mask on a plane.

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