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Some people, opposed to the Tokyo Olympics, are directing their frustration at athletes for not speaking out against the Games, one example being swimming star Rikako Ikee. What do you expect the athletes to do?


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Expect them to do what all athletes should: keep their mouths shut over politics and do what you’re paid to do.

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I do not know what they should do.

Seeing the young, healthy, group of Australians arrive in Japan was interesting.

Personally I would find it hard to look at myself in the mirror knowing I was an athlete in my 20s and got vaccinated and get a free PCR test every day when there are many in their 80's in the host country who are not vaccinated and when the citizens of such host country need to pay over 22,000 Yen for a PCR test unless they are showing extreme symptoms.

But I guess we serfs need to get our priorities straight.

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Athletes should like all of us, be humans first and demand a postponement. They have all the facts as we have, that Japanese people will die because vaccination will loose a number of doctors and nurses.

yes, it is a problem, yes they work hard but people have died, lost their jobs, their companies, been sick. Those are bigger problems. And a postponement guarantees ( thanks to vaccination) a near normal games in 2022. I loose a lot of money by redrawing my company from work and representations on the Olympics but it is the only right thing to do as a human being.

also sports federations, coaches, managers and athletes can be expected to be responsible citizens. I am against cancellation and against a 2021 organisation but all for 2022 and that is the best solution for all concerned parties.ALL

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In the case of a global pandemic, they need to put the interests of society over their own personal interests, like the rest of us are supposed to do.

8 ( +9 / -1 )

At first I said IOC & TOCOG are responsible, then as we got closer CLEARLY both participating countries & athletes ........ARE RESPONSIBLE PERIOD!!!

People have already died while they J-govt has bungled things since the start of covid ""trying"" to make it ""look like"" Japan could safely hold the games, clearly they CANT

And more will get sick & DIE over the next few months that should NOT have.

And yeah on top of that is the severe economic damage to so so many in Japan & all around the world, lets not forget these olympics are likely causing sickness & death in many other countries also!

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Personally, I would not presume to tell the athletes what they should or shouldn't do. I can only say what I personally would have done.

I personally would have refused to compete. But that's just me.

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It's ridiculous to expect a 20-year old kid to be the responsible adult in the room.

Whilst I think the Olympics ought to be postponed or canceled, this is a political/societal decision. The general political apathy of Japanese citizens is the main reason why the government is not heeding the 80% of people who don't want this to go ahead. For anyone who is upset at the athletes not taking a stand: I'm afraid this is YOUR fault, not theirs. Man the barricades if you feel strongly about it; make it clear to your local Jiminto representative that you will never vote for them again; make a donation to opposition parties. THEN you can complain about the athletes not taking a stand which, for them, would be an enormous sacrifice.

5 ( +7 / -2 )

Work in their company and doing sports in their free time like all other people do.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

At this point the point of no return is past.

The Olympics are going ahead. Sadly.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Athletes are for all practical purposes a hostage of the different organisms. Any opinion against the interest of the IOC would mean professional suicide for them. I don't expect from them any candid, honest opinion about the situation.

0 ( +2 / -2 )

I expect the athletes will perform their best. But what I expect what they will do and what they should do are two different things. They should all take a knee to COVID and refuse to go to Tokyo.

4 ( +6 / -2 )

What I expect the athletes to do is research how many UN-vaccinated Japanese died on the day of their event and reflect on it.

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Boycott! The world has suffered so many horrors because bystanders chose not to do the right thing and stay silent. People will die because of the Olympics. Japan already has the highest death toll in north east Asia. If the athletes all did the right thing and chose life over their own personal gain, then these deaths could be avoided. I know its hard, I know that they have been aiming for this one shot at glory for a long time, but we have all sacrificed a lot over the past year - some, much, much more than others. Do the right thing and stay home and stay safe.

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Suga is the boss.

Suga is clearly not, he is a puppet of Bach and the IOC. So sad to see a G7 country surrender its sovereignty, even more sad to see it do so without a fight.

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Unless you want to be blacklisted and targetted, do you really want to speak out against the government??

It is fine for people like Softbank's Son to speak out, as he do not need more money, but for other people it could mean ruining their future. Well, Son didn't get away with it either, Softbank was immediately punished by the government recently for some very arbitrary reason.

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It’s not the athletes fault, but the IOCs.

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It’s not the athletes fault, but the IOCs.

I'D dd the LDP and other 'leaders' who pushed the Games during a pandemic.

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Some people, opposed to the Tokyo Olympics, are directing their frustration at athletes for not speaking out against the Games

The number of people targeting athletes is so small so as to make this a "haters gonna hate" level non-issue.

The cult-like magic pixie dust/propaganda that makes an Olympic gold medal the peak of human achievement is starting to wear off though, and that's a good thing.

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You can't force athletes to be politically active to suit your agenda. Take it out on the govt and IOC, not the athletes.

It's like expecting the checkers at a supermarket to protest for the high prices of the products at that store.

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What I hope the athletes do is inform themselves of the opinions of virologists, epidemiologists, the Tokyo Medical Practitioners Association and others who actually know the dangers of holding this Olympics (you know, like everyone else should if they want to come to an objective opinion). Then come to the rational conclusion that holding them is wrong and refuse to take part.

Unfortunately what I expect them to do is not "commit professional suicide" as someone above put it by going against the wishes of the IOC.

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Should be directed at 親父民党LDPand IOC

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