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Tech giants Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook parent Meta and others have laid off tens of thousands of staff in recent months. What sort of a future do you see for these companies?


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They aren't going away, with the possible exception of META/Facebook. The Meta idea seems dumb and personally I'm spending less and less time on FB and posting less and less.

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you will be not missed at all.

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Once the internet 3.0 gets up & running, many current internet 2.0 based companies will be replaced by similar, but more advanced internet 3.0 companies, using blockchain technology

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There is no future. They will be gone just like Friendster.

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I been off those platforms 2010. If I am looking to buy I ask my daughter to scan the net. I got on to my car through facebook. Bargain. Hyundai Accent 2016 135,000 clicks $4000. Just before covid. I buy most items on Ebay. But for any social construct. I have a saying. Empath is very overrated and loneliness is very underrated. Both empathy and loneliness are the bases for these platform popularity like FB

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These people probably felt they had it made working for these companies. It's scary having to put the security of our futures in the hands of uncaring CEOs.

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Apple hasn’t laid off a single worker.

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Apart from possibly the Meta group and Twitter, all the others will continue to flourish. No - they might not last forever @Wobot - but Google, Microsoft and Amazon will outlive your great-grandchildren. Those three embedded in society and most forget that Amazons biggest money maker is their Cloud Business.

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Apple hasn’t laid off a single worker.

They need them all to keep adding the bugs to updates, like having customers email disappear, deleted contacts reappear, iCloud to cough up furballs and battery life to shrink, etc.

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Apple had to laid off workers in the '90s but since then had a culture not to do it. I have been a very happy Apple user for 25 years. Never had a single problem. Windows is a poor joke of an OS.

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There’s nothing special to that. It’s like anywhere else too, they just climbed a bit higher, so their fall is also deeper or the climbing down path longer, and as far as I know, no one managed to stay on a mountain top. All are forced down one way or another.

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That's nuthin. The ZORG corporation just laid off a million.

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Apple hasn’t laid off a single worker.

I think Apple is a little different from the companies mentioned as its income is mainly from hardware sales.

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I think Apple is a little different from the companies mentioned as its income is mainly from hardware sales.

All the retail store employees kept their jobs during the pandemic. Even when they were closed. Apple makes a large profit from services.

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No you have a bunch of over paid young techies who only played on computers all day with high salaries now going to other companies demanding the same salaries and benefits only to be denied. Its time to work no more skate boarding to work or sleeping at the desk or unlimited free lunches. Reality has now set in. Go to work not to the play ground!

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probably more automation and outsourcing to save costs. the companies themselves are going to reap even more profits.

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I see a great future if they put some thought into who they laid off.

From all the crying and reeeeing on the internet, maybe they decided to make some needed adjustments to the wokeforce.

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