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The IOC executive board has backed the proposed inclusion of baseball-softball, surfing, karate, sport climbing and skateboarding for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Which sports would you like to see includ


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It's definitely time for dressage to go. How it was ever accepted as an Olympic sport is beyond me. It could be replaced with regular horse racing.

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a.Poker b.unique sports across the globe which are popular locally but are fun to watch for global audience

Exclude: Boxing (its annoying to see swoolen eyes, broken nose and bleeding mouth).

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Confine the events to those that do not already have a high profile international competition. This would remove football, tennis, baseball and golf, and maybe others. But then I guess the money would not come rolling in to the same degree to enrich the venal.

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Remove all the breast stroke, back stroke and butterfly swimming events. Fastest swimmer should be enough.

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I'd like to see Wushu, Karate and Kendo added. I am biased, being a martial artist myself.

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Hard to argue with that albaleo, since we don't have running sideways or running backwards or hopping on one leg versions of all the running events. Get rid of that stupid walk too.

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Definitely get rid of softball, basketball and baseball, no one needs to witness such garbage. They should probably think about including drone racing soon

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I think surfing would be a logistical nightmare. Imagine the cost of setting up an artificial wave pool?! Baseball & softball, apart from being total yawn-fests, are not truly 'global' sports - and they're just being included for browning points with Tokyo for 2020. Let's not beat around the bush here.

If they include skateboarding, they'd also have to include the likes of BMX & rollerblading. Then again, they have cycling - so I guess they'd work? It could be made interesting with various park layouts for jumps, spins & other stunts!

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I think getting rid of sports that require a judgment call about 'art' should be eliminated: gymnastics, ice dance, skateboarding, synchronized floating... Sports with a winner based on physical strength and practice: fastest, lifts the most, hits the target the best...should be included.

More importantly, I think the Olympics should be held in one city for a period of years - 24? And eliminate the change of venue every four years just for the benefit of "consultants" who get $2,000,000 for doing... 'Consulting.'

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albaleo, thumbs up, agreed; just bloody swim quick. We don't have Olympic 3-legged races or Olympic hopping.

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Cricket in, baseball out. More people in the world play cricket than baseball anyway. Cricket was in the Olympics once, in 1900. Britain won - but the Games were in London.

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@sighclops - isn't BMX already in the Olympics? If not, I'm pretty sure it has been in the past.

It's definitely time for dressage to go. How it was ever accepted as an Olympic sport is beyond me. It could be replaced with regular horse racing.

You're kidding right?

To be honest... I'm less interested in the team sports and more interested in the individual performances. Easier to see where the true athletes are excelling.

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Wrestling should be a permanent sport; many countries have some sort of wrestling culture, it's easy to adopt, and is a nod to the original Olympics.

And I agree with borscht, Olympics should be mostly about the fastest, strongest, and other concrete measurables. Arts are too subjective and leaves larger openings for bribery and favoritism.

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For Japan they should introduce some local pastimes for sure.

Knife and dash. Longest corpse abandonment. Most pairs of knickers stolen in a set time. Lamest excuse for CRIMINAL behavior.
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Remove all sports which aren't actually sports but rather are just messing about, for example, climbing, surfing, BMXing....

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The "artistic" sports that many mention as being subjective are actually scored on concrete portions of the presentation -- for example, the difficulty of the maneuvers/elements in the routine, how accurately/well they are executed, and how many are completed. While it's easy to have more faith in the judging of concrete events, these are also places where it's likely for doping to occur, and "bribing and favoritism" could very well be in play if testing is random.

I'd argue that baseball, softball, basketball, and hockey probably don't need to be there. It's nice to see everyone compete in different configurations than they normally do, but it's the same folks we see all the time anyway. I'm sure they're there for the US/CAN ad money -- but they do increase awareness of different sports as well, since the networks will often jump between events.

For those who would remove certain disciplines of swimming, would you eliminate different lengths of foot races as well, and different disciplines of fencing?

I'm all for including many sports because I think the Olympics are the only way that people learn about them. The whole thing is like a giant infomercial for healthy lifestyle options and international understanding, despite the scandals.

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iamme, if you refer back to the original olypiads then singing, dancing and poetry were all olympic events, as were sprinting in full armour! Include darts, clog dancing and marbles!

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How would landlocked or Mediterranean etc countries organise surfing comps?

Am a traditionalist, no bmx, surfing, skateboarding and other fun sports at the olympics. Baseball and cricket? Too few countries are into those sports.

Petanque and lawn balls would make a lot of sense in our ageing world! ;)

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The Olympics have gotten to be such a joke, stick to the BASICS!

Forget about surfing, skateboarding etc, these are cool & everything but daft to put into Olympics.

Keep it to the basics & NO sports that have well established pro leagues etc

Stick to amateurs pros have NO PLACE in Olympics but then you would have to toss track & field events like 100m

So whats the solution, GET RID of the Olympics its become pathetic event to promote coke & mcdonalds & other GRABAGE, the Olympics ceased being the Olympics about 25-30yrs ago.

The world can do without it now, its just about corruption & corporate greed & wasting tax payers $$$, ditch the whole thing I say!!!

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Yeah, back to basics. Simply a joke to include snooker, cricket, golf.

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Surfing sounds like just a pork spending project, as they'll have to build facilities for that alone. Get rid of baseball and softball as well. Put in cricket instead.

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