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The redelivery rate for home deliveries is rising as the number of parcels increases due to online shopping. This is placing a growing burden on the logistics industry, which is suffering from a labor shortage. What can be done to alleviate the problem?


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drop off deliveries

options to set time when you want to have the delivery when purchasing item online
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Address the reason why there is a labor shortage, inhumane work conditions for very low pay and pretending the people are just contractors so their rights can be trampled by companies. Improve conditions, get more people working on the deliveries and redeliveries will stop being such a burden.

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I have two ideas:

one, just have the customers pick them up at a local hub designated in each area, and offer a discount if they opt to pick it up instead of being delivered at their doorstep

two, hire part-time delivery workers to fill in the capability gap.

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Parcels are commonly left with neighbours in the UK.

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Yamato comes around about 4 times a day. If out they leave a card in the postcard with a number to call the driver.

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Pay a fair wage!

Make the people who miss delivery come and pick the parcel up from the local post office as they do in Australia

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How about paying the delivery drivers more than a pittance?

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Delivery companies can be more flexible and rational. I just received an email notice from Kuroneko say it will be delivering my squash racket (ordered online) between 7 and 9 tonight. That’s the exact time when my wife and I will be out for dinner!

In order to change the delivery time, I need to register with the stupid company, handing over my personal data, setting up a secure password, etc. Just for one delivery! If they’re complaining about follow-up delivery runs, it’s usually their own fault. It’s up to them to solve their problems, not me.

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I wish they would just leave it outsided the door.

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Being able to set a delivery time initially would save them so much time and money. Whenever I order something it's a guarantee I'll be at work on the first delivery, it's an added step that could be eliminated if they just let you decide the time.

Also pay the drivers more. They guys out there actually delivering everything probably live paycheck to paycheck while the higher ups do nothing. This needs to change globally.

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Please always put my packages in the delivery box that is designed and exists specifically for that purpose.

"Sorry, we didn't put it in the delivery box because it is our policy to deliver directly to the customer's door unless requested of otherwise."

Then change your policy to:

"Sorry, we didn't deliver directly to your door because it is our policy to put packages in the delivery box, where available, unless requested of otherwise."

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If the driver tries to deliver a package but no one is home, then they put it back in the truck and finish off the rest of their route.

At around two or three or whatever, they drop off all their undelivered packages at the shipping center.

Then a second and later shift driver (1pm-9pm) takes those deliveries. They may already have the requested drop off time period made by the customers online or by phone by then or not.

The second driver will be the reliever for all the undelivered packages for three or four different drivers.

The first driver (9am-5pm) can finish their shift on time and not be driving around for 12 hours like they often have to.

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Yamato and Sagawa requiring handoff and stamp/sig is inefficient. Allow customers to choose Unattended Delivery, as Amazon does with its own delivery service. (Although, requiring Amazon to hire the drivers as FT employees vs their current "gig worker" status is something that needs to be addressed, as well.)

They should not get rid of the re-delivery request option for those packages that truly require handoff and stamp/sig. But, maybe limit it to next day and later, so drivers don't have to return to areas they already covered.

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