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The Tokyo government plans to establish an ordinance aimed at preventing “customer harassment,” which refers to unreasonable demands or malicious complaints made by customers to company employees. What do you think about this?


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Japan love their rules for everything. People seems to be like children here, they are stuck if there is no written rule.

However this rule can be a double edge sword. Can be good in some cases, but also can be used against the customer too.

Don't really understand why this rule is necessary. The boss or the Tenchou should put his employees first always, and step in, in case of very aggressive and entitled customers.

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I think it is great IF government at the same time would make the multinational stop hiding from their customers and make them train and empower their employees to offer real solutions to customer complaints rather than lies, Excuses and meaningless nonsense such as “ I like to help you but..”, “ I am so sorry but “, “ I make sure to tell our management so it will not happen again”, “ sorry, that is not me “ “ hold the line, I will transfer you”. “ pls dial 1 if you like Japanese”…

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Japan certainly loves introducing rules for everything.

Saitama made an "ordinance" to compel people to stand on both sides of the escalators instead of just on the left to stop people running up on the right side. Didn't work (duh!!) and neither will this one.

How about trying education and teaching people common decency and manners and promote the family and stronger ommunity ties for a start.

This is not something you can legislate against.

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Just give all staff a taser to use at will.

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How about if store managers and companies actually stood up for their employees when the customer is actually wrong or abusive?

Don't need no government ordinance. Just a little backbone from the boss.

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Not sure how this ordinance would or can work.

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I thought customer harassment might be the endless shouting that goes on in restaurants and stores AT the customers from staff and recorded voices.

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If this ordinance works, I hope this gets adopted nationwide. The Japanese are polite people and their customer service is top notch, but there will always be the self-entitled and the abusive who will take advantage of how nice that service is. The notion of the customer is god in Japanese should be questioned because no god will go out of their way to be a nuisance to you unless they're Loki.

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Well, without having any idea what the ordinance entails, I'm skeptical that they'd find a way to reduce it.

That said, it's responding to a growing problem, so I'm glad that there's some awareness of the issue. Working in food service, retail, or other customer-facing jobs is a tough proposition on a good day. But there are a growing number of stories being released about some of the horrible abuse those workers are being put through at the hands of entitled, immature, loud, and "powerful" customers. "Powerful" in quotes not because they're actually powerful, but because they're given power by a societal and business system that promotes the concept of "okyakusama wa kamisama desu": "the customer is a god."

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At least that will stop ojiisan that wasting time at the counter just to say their anger for nothing.


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