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There is still great uncertainly about whether Tokyo can host the Olympics next summer. When do you think a final decision should be made?


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The government is hell bent on holding the event. They’ll ram it through regardless of what the people say, whether it’s economically sound, and regardless of any safety considerations. And they’ll appoint their own panel of “experts” who’ll say it’s safe.

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Have a deadline to decide whether to hold the event or postpone it. If the pandemic still exists a certain period before the target date, let's say 3 to 6 months before the day, postpone it again. This pandemic won't follow a corporate calendar and will likely continue indefinitely in 2021 unless a miracle happens which I highly doubt

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I think they should decide to postpone itNOW and set a new date. Simple. Easy.

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Just don't have these Olympics. Push back host country status to Japan 2024, by which time we might have things under control.

And while we are at it - let's have them at this time of year in 2024, rather that the unbearably hot Summer months, which will kill people.

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Postponed it to 2024 .

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The decision should have already been made. We can't have the Olympics next year. Scrap them, and stop funnelling money down the gullets of Mori and his parasitic ilk.

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They're not going to get any spectators coming from abroad. They can kiss tourist money away.

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Take all the remaining money and give it to corona affected struggling companies and poor people, you stupid money greedy olympiocrates.

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Exactly they should cancel and spend that money on something more important like funding hospitals and research to find resolution to the COVID-19 instead of thinking about how to get rich off the event.

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I say people should just forget about these fake, money-sucking Olympics completely until a new, non-corrupt version is developed.

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Did the person who posted this question not listen to the Japanese Government a month ago?

'The Tokyo Olympics will take place at any cost.'

There is your answer.

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This week it was announced that Broadway shows are off until the end of May 2021. I'm sure this was to do with the logistics, shows have to be rehearsed and what have you, and the theatres themselves being indoor spaces where transmission risk is high.

The opening and closing ceremonies for the Olympics are actually larger than Broadway shows, and on top of that, lots of support staff, security, and volunteers are going to have to be trained for the events themselves. Lots of the events are of course indoors. All things being equal, a decision should really be taken this month or next at the latest. However, the one crucial difference with Broadway is that the Olympics are playing with a seemingly bottomless pit of Japanese taxpayer money. They can go on as normal, blow a fortune on preparations, and then still cancel or postpone claiming it could not be helped. As the general public, we are just supposed to sit back and watch this happen.

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Make the deadline tomorrow at 2:11. Postpone it until Oct 10, 2024.

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