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Throughout history, in every time and country, there have always been con artists. Why are they always with us? Is it because because people are fundamentally dishonest or gullible?


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Evolutionary speaking, it's a strategy of survival, do you know of a male cuttlefish that can't win fight, but can "fool" alpha male into think it's a female and allow it to get close to the real female and mate right in front of the alpha male. The female doesn't care, she's covering all the bases.

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If people were "fundamentally" dishonest or gullible there would be a LOT MORE con artists.

This question is an age old question that has been answered more or less by economics and evolutionary biologists, and as referred to as the "freeloader" problem.

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Because actually working for the betterment of your society is hard work and requires you to have skills that are valuable to others, but being a low-grade parasite is easy as long as you fly under everyone's radar and have no self-respect.

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The vast majority of these con artists exist in the halls of government.

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Weird question. Throughout history some people have done bad things. Is that because people are fundamentally bad?

Con artists simply prey on those human desires that override common sense - the desire for love, for sex, for more money, and the need to be praised (vanity). There are others, but those are the stand-byes. Nobody is completely immune, even very smart people.

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I would think it is because it is "Easy Money"....does not require a lot of effort versus those of us who do work month after month....year after year. You run a scam for a short time...rack up the cash and move on.

Just last month I had someone leaving messages saying that "This is the last attempt by the IRS to reach you and you are being sued". After searching their number I was led to a forum that stated they were asking for you to pay your debt by an I Tunes gift card....LOL. Seriously, I wonder if anyone fell for it. I for one left a message with the "IRS Scam Report" or something like that. Said calls stopped coming within 1 week.

I do feel sorry for people that do have to deal with this sort of thing.

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People who are good at manipulating others are aware of their abilities, and some find it expedient, or satisfying, to exploit this ability against their peers or family members, etc. I was introduced to a person not long ago who ordered far more food at lunch than we could finish and made the pretense of having to dash off at the end of the meal, leaving me to pay the tab. The slippery way he did it suggested to me that he was experienced at such things. Later I got an apology from him via email, with a vague offer to pick up the tab at our next lunch, but instinctively knew I won't be seeing him any time soon. I suppose this fellow's entire life is just one longrunning series of sponging off people. That says something about his character and morals, and also makes it easy for me to avoid any further contact.

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"The vast majority of these con artists exist in the halls of government."

"The vast majority of these con artists exist in the field of business."

The vast majority of these con artists are in the religion business.

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It would seem that con-artists generally utilize the empathy trait for self-gain. If this is so, it would make for quite an interesting breakdown of psychology and spiritual identity. Unfortunately, these sort of personalities/individuals seem to struggle with their own honesty, and it may very well represent a serious mental disorder, one that has progressed into mostly uselessness as a result of what was perhaps a smart tactic in times very long ago (as stated by another comment above mine, regarding evolution).

I also agree that many politicians are individuals that carry this unfortunate curse.

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Money is what rules this world! You have none, you'll have no means of providing for yourself. Most of us try to abide by "the rules" while ours try to be swindlers, and thieves.

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Some people have no scruples. Some people have no common sense. The rest of us chuckle at them.

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Trust is a wonderful thing.

Someone says something and we believe them.

There are people who take advantage of this.

These are called "con artists."

Unfortunately most countries on the planet are run by them.

In that situation, they are called "politicians."

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"There's a sucker born every minute."

P.T. Barnum

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Because somewhere, someone, wants to buy a bridge.

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You could sort of say these con artists are very entrepreneurial in that they are exploiting some niche area. It's just unfortunate that they can't direct this energy and skillset to non-fraudulent work

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