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To what extent do you let reviews of movies or restaurants influence you?


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To some degree, but the trick is finding a reviewer who shares your tastes. Overall aggregate review scores (see RottenTomatoes, Metacritic, etc.) mean very little to me compared to the opinion of someone whose tastes align with mine.

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I'm a bit more wary when it comes to restaurant reviews, especially if someone or multiple someones mentions sanitary issues, food quality issues and you know, food poisoning. Movie reviews, eh. I take it with a grain of salt because everyone has different tastes and preferences.

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Concerning food & restaurants in Japan, for the most part, it appears ALL media, so-called variety & ‘entertainment’ TV shows are geared toward only positive comments, reviews and endorsements.

Anything else is viewed as potentially harmful and in some cases, libelous.

So, the honesty of initial “reviews” is suspect and can’t be readily trusted. Consumers just have to venture their time & money or, just have wait to see if real public demand continues or wanes.

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Agree with @Addfwyn. Have come to appreciate YouTube reviewers like Jeremy Jahns and RedLetterMedia. Stark contrast from Chris Stuckmann, once an ‘everyman’ reviewer yet seems to have sold out posting anything overtly critical, perhaps in an effort toward getting some studio support to be allowed direct a film.

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Reviews have no sway because what attracts me to a movie or book is its story line. If its interesting Ill see it and than review it on my own to want to see if I will ever see it or read it again.

For restaurants reviews with stars, I can care less if its 100 stars. If I do not like the taste, environment, music associated with the restaurant style and location it will be a bad experience. I sometimes look in local magazines for good restaurants especially when traveling but really has no sway on me but if I see a place I like Ill go in.

I really enjoy privatly owned establishments especially coffie shops, restaurants, and stylish Izakays in Kyoto, Nagoya, Kanazawa, when ever Im there on business. Though I rarely drink but when I do I like to enjoy a Craft beer and I know a few foreigners who have such establishments one especially in Toyama. Another establishment between 河原町 and 烏丸in Kyoto who is owned by a foreigner has great coffee and cheese cake and my wife who is Japanese loves it. I also really enjoy the many Japanese owed and runned coffee shops around 二条城in Kyoto especially in sanjokai shotengai.

Other really enjoy privetly owned minshu ku or noka minshuku 夕食と朝食、these are very good and really nice eveing when traveling especially along 日本海. For restaurants taste, environment, and location really matters most for my opinion.

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Taste is a very personal matter. kyoto and kagoshima are a definite no no for me.

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Restaurants, if I happened to like it a lot, I rate them. And if the experience was really really bad, then I rate that too.

Movies, don't care.

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As someone who at one time received payment to write exceedingly positive restaurant reviews..... they do not influence me at all.

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If it's a long-time and well-known movie reviewer, I will read the piece and take it into consideration, but ultimately if I want to see something I'll do so and judge for myself. Restaurants reviews? never. Especially not from tire companies or glorified bloggers.

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