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We’re living in the age of being connected or reachable 24 hours a day by one device or another. Is this a good thing?


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These days you can easily set things up so nobody bothers you when it suits you too.

(If all else fails, turn your "device" off)

Too bad if you're on call though. Hope the pay is worth it.

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Just a pity that you are not paid for a 24-hour working day...

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It's good as long as you don't become addicted and walk around staring at an electronic device every waking moment. I keep my phone turned off a great deal of the time. I use it when I want to, not when some twit decides to calls me in the middle of dinner to ask what I am having for dinner. If the J>O>B wants me to work 24-7, they are going to have to pay me the appropriate salary.

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Been this way for a long, long time. Mobile phones have been popular for more than 15 years, the internet for 20. Can't see how it's made society any worse.

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I'll share the minority voice here... no. I believe 24/7 connectedness and, more so, over-availability of information is making society worse. Aside from the obvious annoyance of people walking into you on the streets with their heads buried in their phone, the constant barrage of violent imagery and negativity is numbing society to some really horrible things.

Are there pluses? Absolutely. However, there's a significant loss of balance due to the over-saturation of mobile connectedness. How often do you see people ignoring each other in real life while "connecting" to something or someone else virtually? Society is losing its ability to relate to each other in real life situations.

I begrudgingly gave up my iPhone when we moved to Japan and we chose to NOT have phones while we're here. But, I'm finding life without it leads to some amazing and interesting adventures and requires me to use my brain in real-time instead of relying on my phone for directions, translations, etc. I got over the loss of convenience in short order and don't miss it at all now.

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I'm with Robert on this one, and I work in IT.

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Yes it is a good thing. As adults we need to discipline ourselves so as to not become techno zombies.

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Overall no, it is a bad thing. Humans have been disconnected for 50,000 yrs. We make connections by talking, sharing REAL experiences, not virtual, touching each other. Hard to maintain the birth rate if men and women don't touch.

Being always connected has changed something about our lives - mostly for the worse, IMHO. I've seen families at dinner texting each other rather than talking. Sad.

Sure, technology has some great, helpful, uses too. Being able to reach a parent when a child is sick - perfect example. Being able to call police or fire departments in an emergency.

Chatting about nothing or texting funny jokes all-the-time ... not so much. Some people feel the need to be texting when on a train and can't seem to stop. Look out the window. See the world go passed. Smell the air.

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Yes and no. Recently I met up with a bunch of old friends, and we went out for dinner together. I found it sad that at any given point of our meal, at least one or two members of the group would be checking their smartphones and missing out on the conversation. I found it even sadder that they didn't feel the need to apologize for it, either. When did people get so rude?

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The ability or option to be connected, yes. Could always be emergencies.

The expectation that you must be, no. Especially in the workplace: it is unacceptable for management to think they can call/email staff during off hours and get a quick response.

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it is unacceptable for management to think they can call/email staff during off hours and get a quick response.

That is true most of the time, but not always. Some employees are expected to be on call, and some are paid for that as well.

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Not to my taste but i can see how 24/7 connectivity can be good in certain aspects of life.

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Potentially but like many good things it leads to misuse, abuse and silliness.

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I am connected yes, but it is for my convenience not others. I choose if and when I am reachable. For example, I simply refuse to take in-coming calls. No pre-arranged appointment = no talking to me (except closest family & friends)...

Being constantly connected does not mean you have to be a slave and operate in reactive mode all the time... That's just silly.

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@strangerland: Agreed there, certainly in the case where it is paid (doctors, police, etc). I'll adjust to say that it is unacceptable to call over non-emergencies. I mean more the rank and file salarymen or teachers.

In my case I have been to dinner with friends who get interrupted because their boss couldn't use google to find whatever, even more ridiculous, I experienced a manager that got all bent out of shape on my wife because we were at a movie and (obviously) her phone was off. The manager wanted my wife to come in so the manager could skip out on work/go on a date. Go figure huh?

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Just don't answer the phone. I wouldn't.

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I tell people all the time that I loved it 20-30 years ago when no one could reach me while I was on vacation or away from the office. Nowadays, companies act like it's a law that you have to have e-mail and have to give them your information so they can bother you all day and night.

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