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What's the best way to salvage your day after a bad night’s sleep?


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Oh, Im an expert on this. Just dont drink coffee, or any stimulants, keep the pace slow and eat healthy non greasy food, fruits and veggies, stay calm and plan for early sleep in putting everything aside if possible.

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Book an hour in a flat-bed booth in an internet cafe near your workplace for a kip. Works for me.

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It mostly happens to me during the hot summer months. I embrace sleeplessness as part of our holistic existence within the cosmos.

Also, in our place of work we have one of these. It enables me to take a nap while standing and recover both mind and body in a short time. I recommend it


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I usually manage 8 hours of good sleep. Usually in bed by 10 and up at 6.

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for me mostly it's overthinking and the brain processing what happened earlier or flashback of the past...if at work I would sneak out early for lunch and just sleep (inemuri) the whole lunch break, inside the car sometimes..after work try hiting the gym or go to onsen or sento to get the body relaxed and easily sleep the night after and just fully recover from it...would be back to normal after 8 hours sleep next day

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I usually manage 8 hours of good sleep

A growing body of evidence from both science and history suggests that the eight-hour sleep may be unnatural, so the sleep might not be good after all

In my time in the military basic training, sleep was a luxury.

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Burning Bush

I usually manage 8 hours of good sleep

A growing body of evidence from both science and history suggests that the eight-hour sleep may be unnatural, so the sleep might not be good after all

> In my time in the military basic training, sleep was a luxury.

How long were you in the military?

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exercise if possible. that wakes me up.

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Take your break time as a minute to unplug and relax a bit

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Not being able to sleep can be a big problem for people. This is worth mastering. It's helped me a lot.

Get to sleep in two minutes with the military sleep method


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Don’t overdue it because you may be sick or stressed. Try to take a nap, eat lightly and very mild exercise to avoid injury.

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I usually don't have a problem because I get sufficient sleep the night before.

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Take a 20 to 40 minute nap.

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'Salvage' my day? I have no need to 'salvage' anything after an average of 4-5 hours of sleep a night. It's a simple matter of being occupied with something you like to do, nothing else. To each his own, but let's not whine about it.

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Burpees. Get some.

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I used to sleep awful because of carpal tunnel syndrome and had many days off because sleep deprivation the company would not except it as work related. Until I sort out my union. So the insurer still assuming I was putting it on and sent me to there specialist. The diagnose was severe Carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. I then sorted my GP advice which I had two alternative get put under and have each wrist fix under day surgery that meant going twice. Get one done wait for 4 week to recover and do the other and another 4 weeks recover. Or get done under local. I choose the local and watch the doc slit my wrist and cut the carpal tunnel. Why don't they do both wrist at the same time ? you will need a good hand during recover to wipe your ass or get your my someone to wipe my ass if both wrist were done at the same time. The insurer ask that both wrist be done at the same time but the doc refused stating the above unless they hire a nurse for the 4 weeks as well to keep my rear end hygienically clean.. The insurer than ok that one wrist at time will be suffice. LOL.

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I work. Whether it's at my job or at various hobbies or writing. Then I go to bed earlier than usual. That's how I salvage the day after a bad sleep. The question is about the day after, so to answer the question: I work.

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I try to sneak in a power nap after lunch if possible. It doesn't erase the sleep debt I've accumulated but it does refresh me enough to get through the evening until I go to bed at hopefully, a sensible hour.

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Using a watch with a sleep sensor has greatly helped me to be more aware and mindful of my sleep.

I now see my patterns and when I get deep, rem, and light sleep.

Also your interruptions and things you don’t even remember sometimes occur in the middle of the night.

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A morning nap followed by an early happy hour.

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I usually don't do this unless I seriously have to on say 3 hour sleep days, but energy drinks do the trick for me. The key is to drink caffeine 90 minutes after you wake up, apparently this helps with reducing your chances of mid-day crash according to Andrew Huberman. But nice suggestions above that I might try next time.

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I agree on laying off the caffeine for the day and avoid greasy foods. I'd add avoiding sweets as well. If you can, take a nap during lunchbreak. Then, punch out as early as you can and recover.

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The best way to salvage your day after a bad night's sleep is to call in sick and have a good day's sleep.

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EastmanToday 01:09 pm JST

to come here and "discuss" with gigants like taiwan,wally or hindsomething...its always good fun


hugs and kisses

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A nice long nap in the afternoon usually does the trick.

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