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What's your favorite summer festival in Japan?


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The Ajin Festival Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture, light lanterns float down the creek in Ito and great fire works sown at the beach and foreshore off the jetty. Plus the annual pulling out the Kami chart and carrying around in a parade. All great stuff. Fire works alone is great.

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Awa Odori in Tokushima. See you there next week.

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The summer bikini festival on Shirahama beach, Izu. T-minus 6 days for the peak. Gotta get my mankini ready. Can't wait!

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These are the top five Matsuri from where I live in Ishikawa that I enjoy the most. These Matsuri occur in July and August.

あばれ祭り (Abare Matsuri) First Friday in July

恋路火祭り(koiji Hi Matsuri) End of July

飯田町とろ山祭り(Idamachi Toroyama Matsuri) End of July or Early August

松波人形キリコ祭り (Matsunami Ningyo Kiriko Matsuri) Mid July

どいやさ祭り(Doyasa Matsuri) End of July

Others I enjoy throughout Japan.

長良川花火大会Nagara Gawa Hanabi Taikai, Gifu city Last Saturday in July and first Saturday in August.

祇園祭り (Gion Matsuri in Kyoto) July

ねぶた祭り (Nebuta Matsuri in Aomori) August

五所川原立佞武多 (Goshougawara Tachi neputa Matsuri in Goshougawara Aomori) August

高山八幡祭り (Takayama Hachiman Matsruri). Gifu Ken Takayama City October
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Depends - if you are a Resident of an area holding the Matsuri, are year on year of seeing the same thing, things do become a bit lackluster, and you may simply end up waiting for it to finish so you can go about your daily schedule. For the Tourist, (Local or otherwise), it's an exciting opportunity to see something different ?

If "general" Matsuri's could be held on the same day, then this would offer the opportunity for those bored with their own, to go visit that in another area, whilst avoiding the mayhem within their own area... and at the same time promoting travel to somewhere else....

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Yosakoi Festival in Kochi-city. It's huge all over the city. Every group has different music, outfits and dances.

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Not really a fan of any. Too hot and sticky, too noisy, too many rude people, overpriced food/drink stalls run by the local yak families.

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Fuji Rock

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JTC: I remember catching the last Shinkansen to Atami after the baseball at Tokyo dome. I park my car In the Ginger shrine of the 1,000 years old tree about 1.5 kms and had to walk from Atami station. I came across a group of young children practicing the Taiko Drumming for the up coming Festival, I sat down opposite on the gutter and was entertain for a good 10 minutes before moving on to my car. I never saw that my neighbourhood back home.

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After the pandemic, NONE.

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