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What's the best onsen facility you have been to in Japan?


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Too many to mention but the best one was at an exclusive "member's only" private resort in Mie Prefecture where the pearl island is located.

For a typical sento, I would have to say the Dogo Onsen in Ehime Prefecture and the many free onsens in Nozawa, Nagano Prefecture.

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One of the best for atmosphere was in Zao, Yamagata, where there was an open-air rock pool, some nice stinky sulphurous water and snow falling down. The big open-air public bath up the hill at Kusatsu in Gunma is pretty good out among the autumn foliage as well.

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I've been to a few up in Shirahone onsen, in Nagano, that were my favorite. You're way up in the mountains, and the air is so clean.

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Many. Best up a high mountain in Nagano during the red leaf autumn with outside pools.

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Arima in Kobe but never on the weekend or National holidays.

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I like Kawayu Midoriya in Wakayama. The indoor is nothing special but the outdoor has several small pools outside located a short distance from a river. You can go from the pools to the river quite easily. Best of all, they are coed so our whole gang of men and women hang out in the pools together and most of the Japanese flee in abject terror!

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As far as facilities go, Oedo Onsen in Odaiba was awesome!

But if I was to tell you about my favorite ones:

Yuze Onsen in Akita for their views and facilities.

Matsukawa Onsen in Iwate during winter, it is a mixed onsen and you can drink nihonshu while bathing.

Koganezaki Furofushi Onsen in Akita (if you dare driving all the way down there) for its simplicity (it's super basic), it is literally on the coast, plus it is another mixed onsen.

Hakone Yuryo for their facilities and nature around.

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Furusawaya in Niigata-ken on the way to Aizu.

Full-on early Showa, old style, labyrinthine, well maintained, usually empty with wonderful rotenburo overlooking river bend, so often just you.

Or オーベールジ土佐山 above Kochi City, on side of valley with 60-degree+cedar-covered slopes, newer, but wooden rotenburo planks deteriorating since I first went in mid 2000s.

Or ‘ラミネート’ onsen somewhere in Oita, with weird bubbles of nitrates or something all over skin, fizzily tingling.

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A number of my flight crew buddies say that, when staying over in Tokyo, 24 Kaikan in Shinjuku takes some beating.

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I have nothing against Onsen Facilities, I just can Never share bath water with a stranger, not sure where his parts been prior to coming to bathe and so I would rather do it at home or at a private Onsen for a little extra $.

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I was going to say my local onsen because it was cheap. But having looked at the website the other day, I've changed my mind. Pre-covid it was about 650 yen. Now it's about 950 yen.

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We had to visit an onsen resort to celebrate my Father-in0law's 88th birthday last year.

It was a beautiful place with a magnificent view, a very pleasant room overlooking the ocean and wonderful food. All the family was there toasting the good health of the father of my beautiful bride.

Then I had to spend several hours sitting in the steaming bollock-water of 17 strangers and my father-in-law.

Of all the ways we could have enjoyed that weekend, mass nudity with octogenarians was not my first choice. Have a bath, get clean and enjoy your weekend. I don't need to see your tackle and you're not welcome to look at mine.

How to spoil a good weekend 101.

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