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What's your favorite convenience store brand in Japan and why?


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Well, 7-11 has the best 100 yen coffee on the planet.

FamilyMart has the best chicken... Famichiki and supaisi chikin for the win!

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Hard to pick one. I go to Family Mart for its cafe lattes and desserts, to Lawson for craft beer, and Yamazaki for M&Ms.

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7-11 and Family Mart.

They both have all beef Cheeseburgers and Hamburgers that are really good.

7-11 has the best Arabiki Franks and F Mart the best fried chicken.

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Because it is in walking distance to my house and a very cute Girl is working there.

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Lawson 100 Yen stores. Personal reasons.


I always wondered if the HR departments of these chains made sure there was always at least one 'very cute Girl' (and a hot young guy) in each of these stores. Is there is nominated kawaii employee training programme?

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No reason.

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7-11 for their spag bol. Family Mart for their chicken.

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Seicomart... Only experienced that one in Hokkaido but it was great.

For the rest of Japan....

Lawson for their beer selection.

Family Mart for ice cream.

7-11 for coffee and number of stores.

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They're pretty much all the same. No preference, whatever is closest.

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Mine is ministop they have the best fried foods and selection of chips and ready to eat prep meals like obento. Second comes Lawson/familumart as there Karage-kun RED and familichicken is my heart attack go to food it sooo delicious I can eat it every day seriously.

7/11 is the worse of all I think because there obento are tasteless and the portion size has gone down while the price has gone up. The obento as 7/11 look very small and cheap in comparison to other convenient stores in my opinion.

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7-11 for convenience and printing. My printer died. Usually I get snacks at the drugstore and supermarket now because I have so much more time without commuting and prices are at least 20% less than convenience stores.

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Aly Rustom

7-11 and Family Mart.

They both have all beef Cheeseburgers and Hamburgers that are really good.

Seriously? I do not eat anything that any of these outfits sell as "food".

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HK, a tiny dot place where it has no map, has large 7-11 stores whereas the ones in Japan are very smaller.

Japan needs to have spaces in these stores, shops, malls, roads, etc.

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7-11 for a number of reasons, but first and foremost it is the only one with ATMs that allow you to use foreign cards. No others due, not even bank ATMs. I have seen tourists in Kyoto PANICKING because they ATMs at banks have the VISA logo, but don't accept foreign cards, and until recently many restaurants wouldn't, and some still don't take cards at all. You can even use foreign cash cards, like in other nations (even third-world nations' ATMs). That aside, I also like the coffee (and I think they were the first to get the modern machines... or that might have been Lawson and Machi Cafe), their app gives you free stuff all the time, and they have better food selection.

That said, I prefer Lawson's color scheme -- 7-11 reminds me a bit of something from the '70s.

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Lawson… the one nearby is always well stocked and the family that owns it has become friendly with my family. I can also use my foreign cards on the ATM machines. I have a Family Mart that is closer, but they don’t stock items well, so most things are gone before noon… don’t even bother stopping there at night.

Also, props to Thomas G and SeicoMart…. we always hit up the ones with a “Hot Chef” station.

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Aeon My Basket......great range at very reasonable prices.

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I only go to pay my bills and taxes extremely helpful, don't really like to buy anything because it's expensive and loaded with Sugar, Salt and Trans Fat. Sorry guys.

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I like... FAMILY MART.

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Lawson for me, but followed by 7-11.

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