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What advice would you give to someone who has a job with a toxic boss, but can't afford to quit and spend time looking for new job?


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Tell the toxic Boss that he is a complete as..le, and in case he is bullying you, tell him that if he will not stop that, you will smash his head with your Laptop.

Then either the situation will be fine after that and the toxic Boss learned his lesson, or you will be fired.

But if you are fired you have enough time to look for a job.

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threaten legal action and then take time off to find another job. it doesn't have to be a good job, but just anything to tide you over until you find a good job

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Always leave a toxic job. Take anything that will help pay the bills until you find a job you like. The longer you stay in a toxic environment, the harder it is to leave.

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One thing I learned is that there’s no perfect workplace, or anywhere, really; there’s always that one person (one, if you’relucky”), whether it’s your boss or a colleague, same thing in school, there’s always someone who’s a bully and/or stupid; sometimes even in our families we have someone we don’t really get along with. (this is something that we should all keep in mind, and accept that human nature is something that we can’t control BUT you can choose what kind of person you wanna be) Advice: Don’t give up; focus on your family and friends and (try to) be kind and respectful to others (even to your boss). That way you can sleep at night (peacefully and) with a clean conscience. Try, in your (precious, I know) free time, to find something, we never know, right? Tom Hanks said this in the movie Cast Away: “ *I know what I have to do now. I've got to keep breathing because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring. *“

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Ignore him while you're still looking for a job.

Also, what's worked for me recently, I assumed an attitude of I don't care for the things that don't matter much or situations I can't do anything about them. This has reduced my stress greatly in my current job.

threaten legal action

Threatening with legal action in Japan might lead to getting fired, tho. Black companies are still a thing because they're knowingly allowed to do what they do.

From my experience and from friends' as well, the labor department would most likely wash their hands. And the fraudulent employer would simply keep doing whatever fraudulent practices they were doing.

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That toxic boss isn’t sitting behind you at night. Do your research and apply for jobs then.

If you get an interview, ask if it can be near the end of a day or early in the morning. Then you have a sudden dental, doctor appointment. You currently have a job and the company knows that from your CV.

Don't lie to the new company You can lie to a toxic boss.

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It depends if you like your job or not. If you do like it, why should you leave?

Know your enemy! Ask coworkers about the boss. Find out what weaknesses he has. Does he go straight home or via the pachinko parlor? Try contacting his predecessors and asking what they thought of him. Maybe they didn't like him and will work with you to bring him down. You need ammunition. Confront him directly and tell her how you feel. Shame them into changing their ways. Maybe they don't realize what a horses ass she has been.

If you don't like your job.


But not before finding another!

Then wait for your last day when you can finally tell him what a pos he has been.

Bask in the round of applause from your ex-coworkers.

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Having experienced this, I say quit. It's not worth being in that toxic environment as it's just unnecessary stress and strain on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Consult with HR, confront the boss about their behavior and attitude but if all else fails, get out. If you're really in dire straits, call in sick, take time off, use your PTO etc. to go job hunting. Get a part-time job while you look for better prospects, try to find something you can do remotely etc.

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Do a Milton from Office Space

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Some people here didn’t understand the question;

the person can’t quit the job; what if he/she has kids(?)


it’s not easy to find a good job; it takes months (sometimes years).


a) this is a game, and your opponent is your boss; are you gonna walk out, quit, or are you gonna win or at least put up a good fight? (who knows? Maybe that boss isn’t gonna stay there forever)

b) hobbies, family, friends, exercise, video games, Netflix, animals, funny videos, food;

c) keep looking for a job; it’s not easy, yes, you’re already exhausted, but keep looking. It doesn’t need to be a perfect job. Take a day off for the interview; “you’re feeling dizzy”. Good luck.

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Don't burn your bridges before you cross them. Quitting before finding a new job can lead to even more stress than working under a toxic boss. If I am looking to hire someone, I want to see that they are still working even as they are coming to find a new job. I don't want quitters; I want people who are trying to fix situations. They are the ones who will help my company succeed. I don't mind people who are seeking a better job because of a toxic boss. I do mind hiring toxic employees.

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I have worked for many toxic bosses.

One thing is for sure, you cannot complain as bosses unite and they will send you out, out of the door.

Bite your tongue, keep saying "Yes, Sir" and keep looking for another job.

Never let them tell you when it's your last day, you tell them when you are leaving.

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Here's my two cents. If they push you, then push back without coming off as a complete jerk in order to avoid tainting your employment record. From my experience, those that don't push back or are not helped by others, become a doormat and stay that way. Don't be a doormat. Another move I would suggest is to practice silent resignation, it's basically being in the mindset of already quitting and just doing the bare minimum at work all while still working there. While doing this, I suggest hunting for your next job

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Keep records of anything which you think is very abusive, just in case.

Find someone reliable within or outside the workplace for consultation. I always try to diversify my loyalty to several bosses or senior staff. That could also be a survival tactic when it comes to internal disputes arising among "factions."

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Find out what drives him - usually it is some insecurity - and use it to your advantage to surreptitiously make his life hell.

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No matter how bad the surroundings are, keeping away from current job by quitting or taking days off. Taking care of mental condition is a top priority to lead a healthy lifestyle. The scond step should be after that.

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all of the above mostly.

while also realizing by accepting a job you are in fact exchanging a mutually agreed upon portion of your time, energy and effort for money. if you dont want to do that, dont take a job.

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Make him or her leave. If they are toxic. boss record them being toxic. Wait a month compileing recordings sent them to the toxic boss telling him to quite or you will email management with the evidence of the boss bulling workers to work OT after signing out. Record him at his local drinking hole being a &^%. Because if he is toxic at work he be toxic outside of work. Simple just black mail him or her.

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This sounds like a fait accompli question where any advice can be batted away with "they can't afford to do that".

The obvious advice is to start looking for another job while still working at Company A. If being at Company A is so demanding a job search on the top is impossible, then leave Company A and get a loan.

If you are so busy at Company A that you cannot search for another job and working at Company A does not pay you enough to save for even a short period with no income, get the he!! out of Company A asap.

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Go online to search for new job. At lunch, hit a few employment agencies. Write an anonymous letter to the company's owner. Copy it to the news media (which doesn't really exist in Japan). Get out.

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