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What are some cities you enjoy visiting but you would never want to live in any of them?


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Osaka and Yokohama.

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Bangkok, Busan, Yufuin, York.

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As much as I love going back to my hometown of Atlanta for visits, I would never want to live there again, or the entire state of Georgia again, really. Sad, I know, but the place is just an absolute mess.

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Tokyo. As much as I enjoy seeing the futuristic and uber-urbanized areas of the city, I can't see myself spending my days there as a resident, it's too crowded and busy. I prefer living in a quieter setting.

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El Cajon, CA.

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Ani town in Akita. Actually pretty much in Akita prefecture. Beautiful sceneries all year round, lots of hiking trails and the snow is amazing for skiing. Currently snowing at 18cm an hour. Crazy! But apart from outdoor activities there's absofreakinglutely nothing to do. Closet convenience store to where I'm staying at, 30 minutes drive. Sooooo inaka.

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Tokyo, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, LA, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, Hanoi.

To be honest it's easier to make a list of cities I like to visit and would want to live in.

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Lived in Seoul, Yongin, and Daegu, but have no desire to live in any of those cities again.

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Tokyo, Sydney, LA, London

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I have lived in Ishikawa country side and had since 2016, I Love the Ishikawa country side. However here are some cities I really enjoy visiting and I do so throughout the year but will not live.

Kyoto, I have lived in Kyoto and this is the only city I actually enjoyed living in in Japan. I visit Kyoto several times a year weather it is by car or motorcycle. I really enjoy the history, the coffee shops especailly in areas like 三条会商店街, there are a lot of very good Kojin tekina establishments here especially if you enjoy shoronpo, coffee, and even craft beer. I also really enjoy the Nijo area. A very fascinating Jinja is Abe No Semei Jinja. If you like the Paranormal, Japanese who live in Kyoto can really tell interesting tails. I also like Hiezan, walking arond Kamo gawa, visiting Arashiyama.

Nagoya, Nagoya was the first cityI lived in, in Japan and that was back in the early 2000s. I usually visit hereonce a year with my family. It was a great city back than but the summer is horrible especially if you do not like heat. Nagoya has great food especially if you like tepenyaki, Kishimen, miso katsu, akamiso, Komi Sosu, etc. I also like the going to Coffee shops there especially in Minamiku as well asmidoriku. If you like Shrines Atsuda Jingu is a great place to visit. Sakae isgreat for shopping. In Aichi Ken I also enjoy Toyohashi, Toyokawa, andOkazaki in theMikawa area.

Nagano, I travel here usually once a year, it’s a fun city all year around. I really enjoy going to Zenkoji, Togakushi Jinja, The Oyaki here is great no matter where you buy it. If your from Tohoku especailly Aomori, Nagano Oyaki is very different from Aomori Oyaki If you like fruit and Soba Nagoya is a great place.

Akita city, I really visiting my wife’s family in Aomori I always stop in Akita city and stay at a Local Onsen hotel every time I visit Aomori or go home to Ishikawa. I really enjoy going to various onsen’s in Akita city and in Oga Hanto and kiritanpo Nabe is great especailly if you’re visiting Towada Ko. Akita Ken in general is a great place has Tazawako, Omagari Hanabi, and many Onsen to visit during the summer and fall in especially near Hachiman Tai near route 341.

Otsu, Kusatsu, and Takashima which are located in Shigaken. Biwako is great in General if you like to Motorbike touring. Going around lake Biwako and seeing lake at different times of they year, its especially beautiful on a Fall evening seeing the sun set over Hiezan from Yasu. One area that’s nice to visit is Makino which is located in Takashima.

Kanto, I never go there unless I really have to because there is just so much natural beauty,  so many different places to visit, and Matsuri to enjoy in the Kansai Hokuriku area.

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Miami comes to mind. After a few days of that traffic my blood pressure is in the red zone.

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Wouldn't want to live in a city anywhere in the world ever again nor even a small town for that matter. To visit, many where they have extant history and some cultural offering. Modern urban monstrosities no thank you.

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Tokyo. Its overcrowded; it's noisy; it's expensive; and rent is highway robbery.

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Wouldn't want to live in a city anywhere in the world ever again nor even a small town for that matter. To visit, many where they have extant history and some cultural offering. Modern urban monstrosities no thank you.

Tokyo. Its overcrowded; it's noisy; it's expensive; and rent is highway robbery.

agree with both of you

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Agree with englisc. Georgia is fine but just stay away from Atlanta. Love Osaka but would go insane living there.

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Los Angeles - I am not even sure if I would enjoy visiting the city; except for a few tourist attractions that you can see from the top of an open-bus, the entire city seems like a nightmare to travel around and live in; the worst of NYC without the money or infrastructure and the bottom of quality-of-life.

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Tokyo is literally a concrete jungle full of congestion and stress not to mention arrogant people.

London is great to visit but the Tube is filthy and I can't understand the language anymore.

Bangkok in the summer-the air is thick enough to taste.

Dhaka due to the flooding and corruption

Delhi due to the pollution and the poverty not to mention the corruption although Old Delhi is a spectacle

Mumbai because of the absolute poverty at ground level and the possibility of stepping in something rather distasteful

Anywhere in Siberia as the temperature in the winter is conducive to losing fingers

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Every city in the world has something of interest to offer visitors. I'll happily visit any city and find a way to enjoy it. Living is another story. I wouldn't want to live in any large city in North America or China these days.

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