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What are some environmentally friendly ways to keep cool in summer?


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Hitch a ride in a billionaire's private jet to enjoy the air conditioning while the billionaire proselytizes about climate change.

Everyone wins!

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solar panels

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fill up water bottles about 3/4 of the way and freeze it. When it's rock solid, place it in front of an electric fan and just drink the melt water. Cool air and a cool drink. Another is to avoid eating foods that are difficult to digest (meat, dairy, etc.) and try to eat less and lighter meals. Ever wonder why one feels colder when they're hungry? that's your answer. Another is to hang damp bath towels, blankets or any large piece of cloth near a window that gets a lot of breeze. It will cool the air as it blows inside. I was born and raised in a tropical climate and these have been proven and tested all year round.

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I wear my black Ninja uniform and stay in the shaded areas of the forest.

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Japanese windchime called "Fu-rin" turns unpleasant feeling caused by scorching summer into comfortable one. This is one of Japanese traditions and ideas to make people feel cooler in summer. Wind normally has no sound in itself, but by catching wind and turning wind power into sound device makes relaxing sound to people around it. It does not require electricity and can be placed anywhere as long as we have gentle breathe.

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Don't wear clothes.

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Nice cold showers.

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Juice and jello and icy poles.

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I have no idea how that guy from above keeps himself cool with solar panels. I wished he could explain or illustrate it some more or post some photographs of doing it.

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Drive my Supra at full throttle with the windows down.

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