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What are some movies that had such a profound effect on you that you thought about the subject matter for days after you saw them?


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Fail Safe. I was in the Air Force at the time, before going to the war which was bringing us closer to action with the Soviets. Another was The Bedford Incident, way too close to reality to me at the time, which was followed when the Vincennes did its own shootdown by a hyped-up crew.

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The Matrix. It made me think about how we're made to comply and live out our lives like a conveyor belt and anyone that stuck out will be dealt with unkindly. This is especially true in society today where surveillance is rife, the need to blend in and comply is paramount, and the divide between the blue pill and red pill people are more apparent.

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Mr. Baseball.

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Human centipede 2

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Debbie does Dallas

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Two of my favorite movies : Mulholland Drive and La La Land. Similar messages but with different outcomes. Following your dreams can be not only complicated but also dangerous.

Also, Dead Poets Society. Your child’s happiness should be your number one priority. ( like I said, complicated and dangerous )

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Harold and Maude.

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Totoro, some find him cute but I find him absolutely creepy.

Toy Story, I was scared thinking my toys would come to life and hurt me in my sleep.

Beethoven, that dog was demonic.

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Not necessarily because they were great films,

but their impact, at the time.

Jaws (1974)

The Song Of Bernadette (1943)

Days of Wine And Roses (1962)

The Exorcist (1973)

To Sir With Love (1967)

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Jaws as noted by blue in green above. The summers of '75-'77 at the beaches were wicked scary for me. I'm in the ocean a lot now too so it still resides in me.

The Towering Inferno. Every time I go up in a tall building can't get the images of people falling to their deaths and burning alive out of my mind.

The Deer Hunter made me think for a long time about Russian Roulette and having my brains blown out, as well as being immersed in a bamboo cage in a river.

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I forgot to add "From Russia With Love".

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Requiem for a Dream

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Requiem for a Dream

ss to ss.

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Most of Adriana Chechick's work gets me thinking.

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What a prophecy.

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The Thin Red Line


As a kid, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 1971

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A lot of the films revolving around the holocaust is cause for contemplation and mulling over - Sophie's Choice, Sophie Scholl, Schindler's List, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Aimee & Jaguar etc.

Mulholland Drive is also a movie that remains a head-scratcher for movie; I still to this day don't really understand it and watching the movie leaves me profoundly uneasy and confused.

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2000 Mules.

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Glengarry Glen Ross.

A beautiful illustration of the cutthroat sales world.

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Cannibal Holocaust

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2000 Mules.

Ahhh, a movie about fake election crimes created by a man convicted of real election crimes. Felonies no less.

Dinesh D'Souza cares about election crimes about as much as he cares about his wife.

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All the comedy from Michael Moore, all of them.

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Took a real close look at myself.

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Ahhh, a movie about fake election crimes created by a man convicted of real election crimes. Felonies no less.

I can tell by your synopsis and personal attack on the film maker that you havent seen it and are already biased.

Great movie, shows us all about exact and precise GPS tracking that Google does, confirmed by the fact that they announced they would delete all tracking of people who visit abortion clinics.

Who knew the local ballot drop box was a place that needed to be visited multiple times a day by the same phone.

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I can tell by your synopsis and personal attack on the film maker that you havent seen it and are already biased.

It isn't an ad hominem attack to point out that the film maker, Dinesh D'Souza, has been convicted of the same or similar crimes to those he is accusing others of. It is completely fair to point Mr. D'Souza dishonest as well as he criminal history.

From the Wiki article:

2000 Mules is a 2022 American political film by political commentator Dinesh D'Souza that falsely[4] claims unnamed nonprofit organizations paid Democrat-aligned "mules" to illegally collect and deposit ballots into drop boxes in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin during the 2020 presidential election. D'Souza has a history of creating and spreading conspiracy theories.[


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Life of Brian

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falling down (Michael Douglas)

Debbie does Dallas

Best Answer so far!!!

The Mannequin. Can true love with a doll really exist?

In Japan? That would be a YES!! Not only dolls, but here guys actually marry holograms as well.

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Idiocracy. Running Man. Team America. AvP. Jaws. Almost all of the Vietnam war movies....

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tooheysnewJuly 6 08:17 am JST

Debbie does Dallas


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