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What are some movies whose bad science made them almost unwatchable for you?


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Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Ghost Busters, Caddy Shack, Animal House

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Hopefully, these will never become ‘feature films’


StarTrek:Discovery (‘plagiarized’ tardigrade space travel WITH one* ‘girl who is the key to Everything’) *


StarTrek:Picard (transferring a dying 90yr old lead-character into a 90 year old lookalike Android-body with no special attributes). . .

Oh! … And *another girl who is…*(you guessed it): ‘the key to Everything’.

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I like Dwayne Johnson in "Rampage" about the gorilla that grows enormously, but it is pure fantasy for any creature to add mass while being in a cage in a short period of time.

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I read that Neil deGrasse Tyson got a barrage of nasty tweets for pointing out ‘bad science’ in films. Hard to know if he’s just showing off or genuinely trying to educate. Maybe a bit of both.

I’ve got a science background ( of course I’m not on the same planet as Tyson in terms of intelligence or knowledge ), but even I could see that ‘The Core’ was pure wtf. I read later that it is regarded as a classic of bad science.

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Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant (2017):

SPOILERS: Future scientists with the British/Japanese Weyland-**Yutani **multinational conglomerate continue with their paralyzing indecisions during crises, further jeopardizing and eventually condemning the entire populace to a prolonged death. (Seems eerily familiar)

The crew of married couple/scientists(?) exploring an Earth-like yet, unknown and previously unexplored planet without self-contained suits & helmets was utterly stupid. (Producers: “But we can’t see the actors faces!”)

Not even N95 masks! (Didn’t they learn anything for the 2020’s pandemic(s).

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Part of the charm of “Good” bad movies and, most 80’s cinema”, was the ‘just go with it‘ science(?) and no concrete explanations of the ‘how & why’.

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Most Japanese movies. For example someone is running after the bus waving goodbye to their lover, the bus never pulling ahead, with the distance between them never widening, or columns of samurai troops rushing through the woods, the men running and the horses galloping, and in every shot they all continue to stay in line together. Police cars which pull up to the scene of the crime with obligatory squealing wheels, despite the fact they were not driving particularly fast. The opening scene of this year's Taiga Drama shows a sailing ship ploughing smartly over stormy waves, with all her sails furled on the yards.

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The 1985 ‘Weird Science’, teen boys version of Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus

SPOILERS: Sounds like a Japanese film but: suburban American ‘nerdy’ teens, with their own ‘otaku’ interests and fetishisms, turn ‘fantasy to reality’ by a combination of desktop computers, pseudo-voodoo rituals, figurine & ‘dolly play’, and some ‘cut & paste’ parts of their favorite porn mags, all while ‘wearing panties on their heads’.  Subsequently, their dreams are wetly realized in a 3-way shower scene…. The film continues from there.

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Anything by Kirk Cameron

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Who can forget "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?"

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I forgot "Wierd Science."

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Who's watching movies for their "science"? Ridiculous notion to begin with.

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All of the above except Willy Wonka, chocolate can achieve anything!

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The willing suspension of disbelief is clearly tougher for some. It's a movie not a documentary.

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I don’t care about the bad science. It’s a movie. But I’ll fast forward or just turn a movie off in a heartbeat for a car chase scene, too much music, or useless dialog that has nothing to do with the story. Yeah, I don’t watch too much Teevee or movies these days.

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Lucy, with Scarlett Johansson. The whole premise is based on the idea that we only use 10%of our brains, which has been proven false time and time again. Such a stupid concept just ruined the whole movie for me, I couldn't get into it at all, even though some of the fight scenes were good.

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There's a difference between Science-Fiction and fiction posing as science.

I don't think many people would consider STAR WARS or TERMINATOR or ALIEN to be other then Sci-Fi, but films like PERFECT STORM and DAY AFTER TOMORROW use fictional "science" for the plot.

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Not really unwatchable because those kind of movies are specifically made to be more fantasy than science (so you expect nonsense from the beginning) but global disaster movies are usually the worst. The hacking on "independence day", fake physics on "armaggedon" or the whole promise of "the core", etc.

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The Blob

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Anything biblical.

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Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

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